Tokyo Game Action presents: TGA Ranking Battle results 8/12/06

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike [24 entries]

  1. KOfiend (Yang)
  2. Genki (Alex)
  3. Smoothcat (Chun Li)
  4. Paul Wall Babay (Gouki)
  5. Nestor (Yun)

Capcom vs SNK 2 [18 entries]

  1. Nestor (A groove: Vega, Bison, Blanka)
  2. Smoothcat (A groove: Vega, Bison, Blanka)
  3. Paul DA FUCKING Wall (K groove: Geese, Cammy, Sagat)
  4. Ernest (A groove: Vega/Sakura, Bison, Blanka)
  5. Alex J (N groove: Geese, Chang, Athena)
  6. Rob Stevens (A groove: Rolento/Honda, Bison, Blanka)

*A groove = TOO POWERFUL!

Guilty Gear XX Slash [18 entries]

  1. Moeun (Sol fucking BADASS)
  2. Ill Will (Zappa)
  3. Jjuice (Millia)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 [16 entries]

  1. DSP (MST)
  2. Nestor (MSP)
  3. Jjuice (MagSentCyc)
  4. Rob Stevens (MCP)
  5. Paul WALL
  6. Tony B

Street Fighter II X (aka Turbo) [16 entries]

  1. DSP (All sorts of charac.)
  2. Paul Wall (Honda)
  3. Nestor (Bison?)
  4. Ernest (Dhalsim?)

King of Fighters XI [12 entries]

  2. Gary aka Tilt’s Champ
  3. RALPH!!!
  4. KOfiend
  5. Bacardi
  6. Smoothcat

REALLLLLLLLY too tired to give out shoutouts: But here are some quick ones…

BRANDON,DWAYNE,MOEUN,SHANKAR,RALPH,GARY,THE STEVENS,ALEX J,KEVIN,ALEX SCRUB,SPIC TOM,JAMIE,BVR,KOREAN DJ,BACARDI,COLIN, etc etc, and of course thank you to ALL that helped out, it was much appreciated!!! :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

Match Vids and “afterwards” footage will be up soon!!!***

Also, Andy and I would like to apologize for the cancellation of the 3s Team Tourney. Apparently not enough people showed up to make a 3v3. But even if we changed it to 2v2, we’d still wouldn’t have time. The hardest part of a tourney is to get the “variety” players to play all the games AT THE SAME TIME! So time goes by slow especially if say the same person keeps advancing in other games rather than get eliminated. So we would have to wait wait wait until that person is done so he can play his other 6245890 games. crazzzzzy :looney: :looney: :looney:

dsp! the filth:looney:

kofiend is too strong for you bitches! lets go twins!

Marvel vs Capcom 2 [16 entries]

  1. DSP (MST)
  2. Nestor (MSP)
  3. Jjuice (MagSentCyc)
  4. Xeriak (CableStormSent)
  5. Shankar
  6. Tony B

This is Rob, Gavin, and actually, I should be placed ahead of both shankar and xeriak, since i beat both of them and lost to Jjuice in losers finals. I was using MSP for the most part, sometimes MCP.

4th = Rob Stevens.

hopefully next time i can actually place in the game -_-

good shit regardless

:tup: Good shit Smoothcat. :tup:

:confused: I thought there were Jap players coming? :confused:

good shit everyone we’re all getting stronger. i nedd to start playing more i been fucking smooth it so fucking much it hurts. big up’s to people

Da wall> for his insane gouki skills
smooth> keep on doing the things you doing and les smooth it

sage> nigga me and you need to go back to the cave, nuff said
juicy j> good shit i fucked up to many times and you mad me pay p.s. fuck piss your better of playing with dud’s
T. rex> nigga you can’t stop playing son we need you
DSP and the ct boi’s> good shit ( DSP WATCH OUT FOR ME AND GOIN TO START PLAYING ST AGAIN. I ALMOST HAD YOU INTHAT SHIT SON ( don’t no if you was playing around of not?) but yeah i’ll get you next time
w. scub and friend’s> pretty good in kof i’ll teach yall some shit to become better.
R.I boyz>are back pretty strong this time around too
MIT scub’s> good shit ALEX J like the way you play just learn R’C and you’ll own people for free. ROB AND GRID GOOD SHIT IN CVS2 AND 3RD STRIKE. p.s. kamol is goin to kill me for not bring him to the tourny.
KOfiend and Dirty Flair glad yall came make it ( Kofiend i didn’t no you played kof)
Tga low class player’s> team hate will teach if you want to learn.

Andy thank you and everyone for having us there to play and a very HATEFUL THANK YOU TO GENKI THE ALEX MONSTER FOR BEING HERE AND PLAYING US.

genki is a very strong alex player.

good shit everyone
still cant believe i got 3rd in kof instead of 2nd
maybe next tourney my characters will be unlocked and i wont have to play 1 regular + 2 random

good shit ed on taking kof
it should have been me and u in the finals

…yeah Gavin, those Marvel results are incorrect. Did you even look at the back of the mc2 bracket? You probably just posted from the top of your head. I gave you the correct placings for all 16 people in the game.

I think it’s like this:

1st- DSP
2ns- Nestor
3rd- Jjames
4th- Rob Stevens
5th- Tony Barnage
5th- I think Wall tied for 5th with Barnage… not sure though… again, check the back of the mc2 bracket!!
7th- Shankar T.
7th- Brandon L. (Xeriak)

Its me Ill Will I gotta give those shout outs

Big ups to moeun for raping me in GG slash then treating me to a powerade :sad: that sol is too serious
JJuice good shit in GG and good shit not switching out to faust to rape me after you lost with millia just cuz zappa is so short that he just standing ducks the discs and the illest part is that you taught me that shit at a session so i just started usin it good shit in GG though stop beastin ma nigga
Good shit to gavin for letting me red parry the second set of kicks of chun’s super. DONT CHIP ME BITCH:lovin:
Ko fiend for giving me more tips every time we play and just being so stylish with yang
Good shit team hate for eliminating me in every damn game :wgrin:
genki for being a beast with alex and sending me to losers to begin with in the third round of 3S even though he wont read this
paul wall that akuma is just that serious good shit in everything sent me to losers in cvs and peaced me the fuck out in 3S
smoothcat is too good when im playin games just standin next to me givin me tips and makin sure i dont fuck up too bad “LOOK AT SMOOTH JR DOWN BACKIN THAT SHIT!” stop beastin
D - You might have taken those dollar money matches at gavins but when tourney comes around that Raoh just starts wildin out. p.s. thanks for the combo that i used on everybody :rofl:
B - you need to calm down:rofl:
nes - stop beasting… i cant keep up :sad:

to everybody else keep beastin and good shit at the tourney enter the next one and keep supporting the scene

guilty gear should have been 5 bux entry :sad: I woulda made money

Its your boi smooth aka I fucked up aka smooth it aka nestors bitch

This tourny was fun as hell worth the 2 hour trip.

I made it far in 3s and it was hard as fuck. Ill give my shout outs

Andy- you do so much for us I just wanna say thank you for bringing a jap player over and also doing the free play for 10 bucks you win at life and your wife also.

Gavnuts- the organizer always running them brackets always getting shit done stop playing with chun son!

Joeycrack- anyone who walks 6 HOURRRRRRRRRRS!!! To a tourny is the fucking man

Genki- the best alex player in japan fuck everyone else you my boy thanks for teaching me a lot of things in 3s and thanks for parrying my whole chun super u own me =/

My hate members wall- your not bellow me and nesstor and me in cvs2 we all tied anyone can win anyday. I didn’t get demon this week lol
Nestor- one day ill beat u maybe when u brake a arm.
Ed- my og teacher thanks for the beasting and thanks for telling me to stop smoothing it.
Will- aka smooth jr stop fucking beasting for real!!!
Ko fiend and rick flair- you guys are top players fuck the haters.

Good shit my niigga juice we always have close matchs I won this time but what about the next time lol?
Dsp and tony yall to powerful

My thoughts on TGA:

-I really liked the cabinet setup, and having a copy of every major fighter is great.
-Having a snack bar/grill that should be up-and-running soon is a MUST, that way people dont have to go driving around during the tournament to eat. But at least there is lots of food locally as well, and they deliver.
-Andy told me he has a huge back area of the arcade he hasn’t even begun to work on, where he plans to add an entirely new row of fighting games. That would be AWESOME.
-Pay $25 and play all day without having to keep running to the change machine and breaking singles = ownage.

-Location, location, location. I know that Andy really struggled to find a location for the new TGA, but I have to say this current one is pretty bad. It’s out in the middle of nowhere - there are no major cities nearby or any other reason you’d want to drive anywhere remotely near TGA. Factor in horrible highway cops (I got a 180 dollar speeding ticket on the way to TGA when the cop didn’t use any radar but used his EYESIGHT to estimate my speed, which is complete bullshit, it was blatant out-of-state profiling) and massive travel cost for the majority of major gamers in the area, and unfortunately I get the feeling that trips to TGA will be a 2- or 3- time a year thing at the max for most of us.
-This town reminds me of Dunellen, NJ in the respect that it shuts down at like 10pm. You can’t even order the chinese delivery after 10, wtf? Here in Connecticut stuff stays open to 2am or later…what is wrong with people in bumblefuck towns?
-Controls on a lot of the head-to-head setups seemed to vary…especially on that end 3s cabinet, one side was really really good while the other side was sketchy, I can’t tell you how many times I missed supers and EX moves, and I’ve actually been practicing a LOT for Third Strike, so I know it’s not me. Especially when while I was playing on the other side, all my moves came out!

Overall a great tournament, thanks for everyone who came out to support this arcade and the scene, and thanks to everyone who entered ST and MvC2 for your donations.

By the way, MvC2 finals had to be the worst ever, can’t believe they bothered to record them. I spent more time cursing the game and punching the cabinet than actually playing. I FUCKING HATE MARVEL!

Phil stop lying, you been secretly training in mvc2 so you could get top 8 at evo. I still beat you more times than you beat me but you still win good shit lol

WILLLLLLLLLLSON GOOD SHIT on the yellow gucci linen!

Just randomly poping in. Its been a while since I posted anything here.

My name is correctly spelled “Moeun”, its not a big deal, but it always gets mispelled…

BTW, whoever stole Jjuice’s wack-nuggets is ghey. :confused:

i win 3s by default:arazz:

Good shit yall, nice 3s results.

Damn A grooves whoops ass in RI I C.

Keep beasting With Yang KO.
Thats a hard fight imo Yang vs Alex. Major power balance.


fixed! :lovin:

Genki was the only one who could make it, the other 2 japanese players had a sick family member and one had low fundage. :sad: But Genki was more than enough competition for us, TOO FUCKING BEASTLY of an Alex.

Fixed! and JUICE wildin out over WacArnolds made my night :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

o shit i forgot about juice and wackarnolds and crack having crack stains on his beard LMFAO

good shit everyone

i’ll see you all at evo

crack comin in after every tourney was over was the fucking highlight

and i felt bad for who ever got raped by juice after he found out his chicken nuggets were robbed. that nigga was hungry! litterally

i get amnesty for misspelling your name after that goddamn beat down you gave me :arazz:

like I said sol is too serious wait for the video