Tokyo Game Action presents: TGA Ranking Battle results 8/12/06

nice arcade, hope you guys turn mass into the new ec hotspot with it :slight_smile:

good shit in the tourney every1 2nd tourney I lose to Wilson fucking hate makoto

makoto is a slut

wall’s house has been the EC hot-spot

lol god shit in our mvc2 match atho u still shouldnt have lost to iceman.spidey,tron that 1 match bacardi

Those Slash results are random. Too bad I couldn’t make it =(
Maybe next ranbat.

what up people this tourny was off the hook I gotta thank TGA for the best evo practice ever. Andy u r the man If I hit the jackpot in vegas or get a lucky scratch ticket im gonna have to donate 89234892374 for all the love and support. I would like to thank everyone who came and supported dont stop playing(boston guys ct the rest). Im gonna get crack a new pair of nike’s for the next ranbat. Genki’s alex is fuckin cock deisel he made this week so much funner than it was suppose to be.

DSP: good shit in ST fuckin honda vs shotos r hard matchups we gonna get togeather and play some old school / 3s fuckin speeding tickets suck thank god it wasnt me cause u know everyone speeds when u got a long drive ahead c u at evo

Gavin: u r the man for holding these tournys u help out alot u r getting good too im gonna be scared when u acctually take the tournaments a little more seriously. also u gotta hook me up with some footage so i can c where im fuckin up good shit on recording

suavegato: u fuckin beast goodshit wouldnt want to lose to anyone else son my game would not be COCK DEISEL wo u

Wilson: Yo wilson sorry i had to take u out but ur stepping up I cant sleep on u you r getting too good

bicardi: thx for coming u need to head up here with tony we be getting fucked up over here at my house on sessions good shit on the heini

Tony: yo wtf man u need to stop joking around and beast son u got some fuckin skillz man dont let them go to waste

Juice: my man we go way back like bacon and eggs good shit in slash lucky i didnt have to play u in 3s or marvel cause that shit goes back and forth u need to start playin more cvs2 with us

Ness: u fukin cheap bastard good shit in CvS2 the fuckin master is back u need to play me more with random teams so i can learn them matchups I wanted that rematch but smooth got revenge b4 I did. I know you can get top 8 at evo hopefully they seed u and dont be gay u know they hate the EC

ri cats: U guys r the shit i hope u guys show up for all the ranbats mouen goodshit in slash ur sol is cock deisel i need to play more with u guys but i love them sf games too much

KO: ur a beast with yang u r rdy for evo man trust me go rep the EC and show them to mention EC when your talking SF

Flare: THX for coming man whenever u come down u can stay here that Ryu is solid lucky i didnt have to play u in tourny, it just hit me now but howcome no denjin?

Ed: yo goodshit ed u be amping us all up for the tourny it would not be the same with u not around too bad u cant go to evo with us thx for bringin out the hate in all of us

good shit to anyone i forgot c u all at next ranbat, TEAM HATE at EVO they r not READY! the game is mines the fuckin champ is here

and im out this bitch

i forgot ernest stop beastin man ur a smart player too bad u r gonna stop u would be a great addition to TEAM HATE

suavegato… :lol:

as soon as i start feelin myself in any game cuz im gettin far in the brackets paul wall has to come over and humble me

yo everyone look at wat this bitch ass nigga said

yo, i just got up, shout outs in a bit.
the vids, whats good?

yo this is wat T.REX SAID

u know . im sick of this shit. team hate is the truth. empire u guys never give anyone but yourself credit for shit. u guys have always hated on nestor and are group. just cause u have the top player in your group all the rest think they are the shit. well u aint. i have always gave my respect and credit to all the players but when it comes to your group i cant do that for all them. now that we have good players and worked for it we dont get nothing but crap from your group. i always loved playing games but now all i got to say to ppl is . fuck empire. fuck all the players . team is the truth . we came and u cant handle it. damn do most players have to be homo cry babies ? u know what u think u are god at games but im top tier in real life bitches P.S. NO HOMO

Good shit holding it down for 3S. Too bad I couldn’t come. Sounded like fun. See you guys at Vegas. :tup:

Frist things fucking last TONY! SADA STOP FUCKING BEASTING! POW!

Props to everyone who went to TGA. NE is full of Beasts, Monstarz and Killers. Everybody stepted their game up like they have something to prove.

We all know Team H8 is most slept on and most H8ed so like my partner Wall said “enjoy it wile it last.” cuz the clock is tick’n, So get under the H8 umbrella or get rained on cuz my whole camp is 4ocious!

07 will be Year of the H8!

  • Jjuiceson Voorhees

for some reason i fucked nearly every thing up and did best against genki? lol go figure…

:rolleyes: :confused: :rolleyes:
…when did james turn into a mixtape dj?.. :confused:

Did juice get his nuggets? No homo

dam juice stop beasting!

who is this guy, who is this guy???

I still think juice is the man for not pickin faust or baiken and raping me in semi finals.

and btw Jjuiceson Voorhees STOP FUCKING BEASTING this nigga just became a serial killa


Also just in case u guys haven’t heard:

NEW TGA addition!!!

What’s going on with match vids gavin? ETA when they’ll be up?