Tokyo Game Action presents: TGA Ranking Battles 2.4 (7/21/07) *SBO/EVO Warm up!*

** Tokyo Game Action is proud to present:**

*“The TGA Ranking Battles”

"Tokyo Game Action"
5 Summer Dr.
Winchendon, Massachusetts 01475

Date & Time:
Saturday, July 21st, 2007


Tokyo Game Action opens at 12pm

Tournament Games:

  1. Capcom vs SNK 2
  2. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  3. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  4. King of Fighters XI or SF Zero 3?
  5. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  6. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
  7. Marvel vs Capcom 2
  8. Melty Blood: Act Cadenza version B

-3pm sign ups will begin
-3:45pm sign ups will end
-4pm we will begin with the following games:***

**4 pm: **

  1. Capcom vs SNK 2
  2. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  3. Marvel vs Capcom 2
  4. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

7 pm:

  1. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  2. King of Fighters XI or SF Zero 3?
  3. Hyper Street Fighter II: AE / Super Turbo
  4. Melty Blood: Act Cadenza version B


Entry fee details:
*******$20 Flat rate ********<------ We’ve added $5 more to the original entry fee ($15) because we are in need of funds for SBO tickets. But after this event it will be changed back to $15. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! We could really really use the funds and support from our lovely community.:lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin:

$5 entry fee for SFIII:3s singles
$2 entry fee for every other game
*Game entry fees are subject to change upon the requests from the community, by the majority rule.

Note - For this time only, we will decide on the pot money split, some of the money will go towards SBO tickets.

-$5(or more) entry games: 1st place = 70%, 2nd place = 20%, 3rd place = 10%
-$2 entry games:** “WINNER TAKES ALL”**

-The Flat rate charge will let you play for FREE the ENTIRE night, including the tournament and casual matches later on. This way people can have a lot more matches in and be able to enter every tournament without worry about expenses (except the entry fee).
-Minimum number of players needed for each game: 8
-All the money made from these Battles will be put towards: paying off and buying more cabinets+games and keep these cabinets in the BEST condition they can be in.

Tournament Rules:
-Seeding will be based on your “TGA Ranking Battle Points”. If you do not have any points you will be seeded randomly.
-DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Best 2 out of 3. FOR ALL GAMES (yes, CvS2 also.)
-Winners and Losers Finals will be best 3 out of 5 (CvS2 and KoFXI will be 2/3).
-Grand Finals will be 4/7 (CvS2 will be 2/3 still).

Match-up and Game Rules:
-If you lose, you can change your team/character. Winner must stick with the same character until he loses.
-CvS2, you MUST stay the same order if you win.
-SF3s you can change your SA (super art), even if you win.
-MvC2 you can change your team order, even if you win.
-There are to be NO GAME FREEZING GLITCHES IN ANY GAME. If you do i’m going to kick your ass! Plain and simple.
-ST: Gouki is banned!!!

Point system details:
1st Place - 10 Points
2nd Place - 7 Points
3rd Place - 5 Points
4th Place - 3 Points
5th Placers - 1 point

About TGA’s Arcade:

  • TGA is an authentic Japanese Arcade. It has both Bemani(music) games and Fighting Games. ALL fighting games are in Japanese “candy” cabinets.
  • All cabinets and games are in PERFECT condition (knock on wood :sweat:)
  • All cabs have brand new Sanwa parts
  • There are also 12 lanes for bowling.
  • We sell all kinds of Japanese/American snacks. We have bottled drinks along with fountain drinks. NO outside drinks allowed.
  • The Yamanoi Cafe is up and running! YUMMY FOODS! :wink:
  • Virtual Tour of TGA:*** Coming soon…***

- Footage from our previous ranbats:

As of right now, we have direct capturing for the following games: SFIII:3s and CvS2

Hope to see you all there! Bring on the competition to our NEW HOME:lovin: !

This announcement was brought to you by,
:karate: Tokyo Game Action :karate:


From 95 North, take the **EXIT towards 495 North.

  • From 495 N, take EXIT 29B, then that’ll be Rt.2 WEST. (20-30 min drive)

  • From Rt. 2 W, take EXIT 24B, then tha’ll be Rt.140 NORTH. (10-15 min drive)

  • From Rt. 140 N, keep going straight down for about 15 min.

  • Eventually you are going to run on a little bridge with a pond on your right, from there take a RIGHT onto Beech Street.

  • At the end of Beech St., take a right onto** 5 Summer Dr.** and you’ll see our beloved :karate:

TGA Rankings

**SFIII:3rd Strike

  1. Jjuice - 21 pts
  2. Smoothcat - 11 pts
  3. AneurysmX - 10 pts
  4. Js Master/Da Wall/Hector Santiago - tied 7 pts
  5. Captain N - 6 pts
  6. Edpachi - 5 pts
  7. iLL wiLL - 4 pts
  8. Dark Dragon/Gavin/Colin - tied 1 pt

Capcom vs SNK 2

  1. Captain N - 30 pts
  2. Smoothcat - 17 pts
  3. VDO - 13 pts
  4. Black Ino - 6 pts
  5. Min Masters - 5 pts
  6. Ernest - 4 pts
  7. JCaddles - tied 3 pts
  8. Ratio 1 Beat Down/Da Wall/Rob Stevens - tied 1 pt

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection**

  1. Jjuice - 27 pts
  2. Nelson - 12 pts
  3. Josh Wong/Gavin - tied 10 pts
  4. Xeriak - 6 pts
  5. Chad - tied 5 pts
  6. Pancho/Moeun - tied 3 pts
  7. Taye - 2 pts
  8. Plural/gridman/Sabin - tied 1 pt

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core**

  1. Homer - 20 pts
  2. RedBeard - 15 pts
  3. Nerd Josh/T-Rex - tied 10 pts
  4. Moeun - 8 pts
  5. Azn Dave - 7 pts
  6. Vyers - 5 pts
  7. Gavin/Dark Dragon/iLL wiLL/Abstract/Jjuice/Nestor - tied 1 pt

SF: Super Turbo**

  1. DXP - 20 pts
  2. Black Velvet Ryu/Sabin - tied 7 pts
  3. VDO - 8 pts
  4. Captain N - 6 pts
  5. Da Wall - 3 pts
  6. Ernest/Smoothcat/Alex K - 1 pt


  1. DXP - 10 pts
  2. Bacardi - 7 pts
  3. Da Wall - 5 pts
  4. Black Velvet Ryu - 3 pts
  5. Smoothcat - 1 pt
  6. Alex J - 1 pt

Marvel vs Capcom 2**

  1. Captain N - 18 pts
  2. DXP - 17 pts
  3. Js Master - 10 pts
  4. JCaddles - 9 pts
  5. Ratio 1 Beat Down - 7 pts
  6. T-Rex - 6 pts
  7. Jjuice - 5 pts
  8. Paul B - 4 pts
  9. VDO - 3 pts
  10. Rob Stevens - 1 pt

Melty Blood: AC v.B**

  1. Zar - 20 pts
  2. Korean DJ/Master Chibi/Dippy - tied 10 pts
  3. Pestazoid - 8 pts
  4. Damien - 7 pts
  5. Juice - 6 pts
  6. iLLwiLL - 5 pts
  7. Tinshi - 4 pts
  8. Kayin - 1 pt

You guys can call this the “catch-up” tournament for ST.


Because I’ll be at EVO West, so I’ll be unable to attend.

Which means, it gives someone a chance to “catch up” in the ranbat points. If you win this tournament, you can get significantly closer to me in the standings.

I hope everyone has a great time, sucks that I have to miss two TGA events back to back :sad: but i’ll be on the west coast taking on the nation’s best in ST in order to get better for EVO World.

See you all there.

I think That 3S, T5:DR, CVS2 and AC should all be 5$ games because thats more money for the house to take for the SBO tickets + at TGA these games have a huge fan base of 16 or more people. When we do team tournies make it 5$ for 3s seeing how its the best game there and 2$ for everything else.

I say that TT for 3S, T5:DR and AC is a must this time around.


could somebody house me for this event i will gladly show for ST 3S MVC2 n Melty Blood i just need a place to stay cuz i wanna head up their friday day pm me if its possible

can u move it up two weeks gavin come one mang

i gotta agree with minh on this if its on this date im pretty sure i cant make it any possibilities for a date change?

post up dammit

tga ranbats are the shit

i think the prices should be kept the same but for all the $2 games just give 1/2 the pot to the house. at 2 bills it lets everybody play everything even if they dont think they will do any good.
5 for 3S and 5 for Tekken both the SBO games

YO JUICE! we place in the rankings for GGAC
lets move outta tied for 7th
1 point keeps niggas on BASURA-status

ps can somebody donate me 2 pts in MBAC i wanna beat juice. i hate that masher hatehatehate :mad::mad::mad:

I’ll most likely be there :3

chibi teach me 3s pls




quotes flare and me gonna try to make it

dammit caddles i’m not minh, i’m pete why everyone get us confuse cuz we asian gosh!!!

Who’s ready to get whooped in ac??:cybot:


Change in schedule… All in favor?

Alright everyone we have a choice of changing schedule:

all in favor for - **July 21st? **or keep it on July 28th?

everyone let me know whats good :chat:

both? :slight_smile:

im in favor for the 21st can you imagine a ranbat without jcaddles that would just suck

obviously im in favor of the 21st, as i’d be able to attend then.

web2zone, tga, then evo west?:wow: now thats some top tier practice.

You know I’ll be there, now that I have AC on console I’ll be sure to do MUCH better this time.