Tokyo Game Action RanBat #3.2 GDLK Results + SFIV announcement (05-31-08)

First off, in case you havent heard

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike 32 players

  1. Smoothcat [CH]
  2. ChinaTown Flare [RY]
  3. Tony B. [CH]
  4. Paul Wall [GO]
  5. iLL wiLL [MA]
  6. Edpachi [HU]
  7. JesusBeam [YU/YA]
  8. Quang [MA]

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core 20+ players

  1. NerdoJosh [FA]
  2. RedBeard [JO/AX/SO/SL]
  3. Vyers [BA]
  4. Tony B. [KY/TE]
  5. Shibuya [RO]
  6. Azn Dave [PO]

GGAC CT vs. MA 5v5 results

[details=Spoiler]Nestor(ED) vs. Jeremy(SO): 2-0
Nestor(ED) vs. Gonzales(DI): 2-0
Nestor(ED) vs. Zorrin(JA): 2-1
Nestor(ED) vs. Asian Dave(PO): 1-2
Kayin(KY) vs. Asian Dave(PO): 1-2
Tony B(PO) vs. Asian Dave(PO): 2-1
Tony B(PO/KY) vs. RedBeard(AX): 0-2
Shibuya(RO) vs. RedBeard(JO/SO): 1-2
NerdJosh(FA) vs. RedBeard(AX/SL): 2-1[/details]

Super Street Fighter II X 20+ players

  1. Brian [GU]
  2. iLL wiLL [KE]
  3. Paul Wall [VE] *Dictator
  4. Gridman [T.H]
  5. NerdoJosh [CH]
  6. Smoothcat [GU]

Capcom vs SNK 2 12 teams
*split pot

  1. Team Celtics [Wall: K-Geese/Sagat/Cammy - Smoothcat: A-are]
  2. Team Ken-oh’s army [JBeam: C-Iori/Ken/Rolento - Erns: A-Boxer/Blanka/Dictator]
  3. Team Even Stevens [Gridman: C-Sagat/Rugal/Yama - Rob: K-Raiden/Chang/Sagat]
  4. Team Sliced Ham [NerdJosh: A-are - Tony B: K-are]
  5. Team MakA [MakA: A-Maki/Joe/Sakura & Bowker: K-Gouki/Sagat/Ken]
  6. Team Kurodacidal [Joey Crack: K-Ryu/Cammy/Sagat - Shibuya: C-Vega/Ken/Sagat]

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl

  1. KoreanDJ [ROB/Lucario/Wario]
  2. Nuro [Snake]
  3. Phoenix [Lucario]
  4. Vigiliante [Wario/DK]
  5. Gonzales [Ike/Snake]
  6. Conway

Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. King Caddles
  2. Tony B.
  3. JesusBeam
  4. Rob Stevens
  5. Paul Wall
  6. B.A.

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza

  1. KoreanDJ
  2. Kayin
  3. Nazgul
  4. Tom
  5. Nuclear Cheese
  6. MOG

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

  1. Nelson
  2. Adron
  3. Moeun
  4. Marc

Side Tournaments:

Arcana Heart FULL

  1. NerdoJosh
  2. Moeun
  3. C0lin

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

  1. Moeun
  2. Edpachi
  3. Dwayne
  4. Gridman

King of Fighters NeoWave

  1. Canuck Andy
  2. Random Tay
  3. Fritz
  4. Edpachi
  5. Gridman
  6. C0lin

Ranbat standings

[details=Spoiler]**Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike pts
Smoothcat - 20 pts
Flare - 8 pts
Paul Wall - 8 pts
Jjuice - 7pts
Tony B. - 6pts
iLL wiLL - 4 pts
Edpachi - 1 pt

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core pts

Tony B. - 13 pts
NerdoJosh - 10 pts
RedBeard - 7 pts
Fadedsun - 7 pts
Vyers - 3 pts
Asakusa - 5 pts
Azn Dave - 4 pts
Jjuice - 1 pt
Nazgul - 1 pt
Shibuya - 1 pt

Super Street Fighter II X pts

Paul Wall - 12 pts
Smoothcat - 11 pts
Brian - 10 pts
iLL wiLL - 7 pts
Gridman - 6 pts
RushedDown - 5 pts
NerdoJosh - 1 pt
Rob Stevens - 1 pt[/details]

-Thanks to everybody for coming and making this Ranbat a success. Im going to talk to Andy about having prizes awarded to the person with the most points for each game at the end of each season. I hope you guys appreciate me and Ernest continuing these events and pay us respect by returning to TGA in the future.

-Hopefully next time the restaurant will be running so getting food wont become a hassle. If you guys have any feedback , good/bad comments or suggestions about the Ranbat don’t hesitate to post here or on the TGA message boards.

-No toilets were harmed during this event by Smoothcats mudbutt.
-Wall missed the J!! :sad:
-Kayin going nutz shooting off swears and callin KDJ a scrub was quite a show, i wonder how a scrub can be embarrassed for losing to a “scrub”…? :encore:
-I found the source of Flare’s Ryu power.
-Redbeard, you aren’t ready for Eddie yet.
-wiLL ken gimmicks.
-Maka stepping up his cvs2 game, keep it up homie.
-Props to NerdJosh ,Redbeard, Caddles and Dwayne for helping.
-GGAC MA vs CT 5on5 was too HYPE! :party:
Get hype for the rematch. :pray: My CT Eddie is too strong.

Flare’s a scrub.

good shit to you and ernest for running the tourney. the two of you did a good job everything actually got done at a decent hour this time. i’m sure ill be there at the next one. One thing i want to know is where was commy i was gonna rape that fool in marvel. If he ever decides to show up to tga i’ll rape him for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Who is Brian?! :confused:

Nothing on this planet could hold me back from being there the day that SF4 is unveiled. I’ve been around since the day World Warrior was released. Prepare yourselves, I WILL be the one dominating the SF4 scene!

Brian is a Mass(I think) player whos been playing for a while, I talked to him and hes been to only a couple tournaments including evo world. He plays alot online on ndf(?), hes really fucking good Phil. I’d say you’d have to worry about Will’s fresh N.Ken before youre ready for muteki brian, WHY YOU SCARED PHIL!!?!?!?!??!?!

I’m going back to sleep.

Yay, 3rd place for me.

After watching some of the crazy shit that went down up in there, I’ve decided I’m going to learn stick…as soon as SFIV comes out.

And KDJ is no scrub, believe me…I’ve seen some of his training regimes firsthand…that boy is serious when he wants to learn a game…trust me.


Good job getting 1st place Brian. Next time you’re in the area for holidays or something, give me a shout, I’ll host another ST session. :tup:

I’ve been mostly an online player to be honest.

These days I play on 2df

Its got netcode comparable to ggpo, and also has stat tracking and more games.

Also we have weekly ranking battles for super turbo called “Super Sundays”.

TGA is a sweet arcade, it’s just too bad its so far from everything. I’ll definitely be back.


good shit everyone
wanted to go but the ride situation got fucked up here in ri

I like the number 4

Nestor and ern your a beast good shit :china:
Thx caddles for running marvel for me I was out of it.
To everyone else Ill see you guys at the wallcade.


Is this toward me? I know who KoreanDJ is, hes pretty good at that party game Smash.

Lol KoreanDJ and MBAC this can’t end well.

JOSHHH, pure beastin

and ur right its a wrap for phil my new school n.ken is madness fuck sparta

good shit to nes and ern and everybody else who ran tourneys

good shit son the keep away guile kept me too far from givin u the same shit everybody else got. i guess i run ken like i do makoto just get in close and make it happen.

i hate your guts. elim me in 3S in winners and losers but i got you in ST shits too beastly

and good shit to everybody else who came out i like seein everybody come out to support tga and get some games in and its always cool seein some new faces just keep practicin up

smooth/wall/juice/nes/ern/everybodyelse sucks

I had a great time this ranbat, but I’d like to make one suggestion. Next time could we do a 45 minute or hour long food break instead of a half hour? I got some manicotti from a pizza joint; but it took half an hour for me to get to the joint, place my order (much bigger line then usual), and wait for it to cook. I was halfway through my meal when I realized It was past 6:40 and I rushed back to TGA where I had to finish eating outside, while my buddies Bruce an Nazgul kept an ear open in case I got called up for a match. It would be easier to make it back in time next ranbat if we have a longer intermission.

Anyway besides that I had blast, the Guilty Gear tournament and MA VS CT 5v5 were awesome (I gotta get a team NH together next time so I can participate). Brawl was fun although I got trashed. hanging out and talking with friends I haven’t seen in 6 months was fun. I’m really looking forward to the next ranking battle and Street Fighter IV!!

Vyers you stepped your shit up a lot this ranbat, keep that shit up!

damn WILL . i suck man. u hurt me dawg lol. good games all. ppl getting better and its good to see. maybe next time i will have a lil practice under my belt. good shit to all that showing up and to nes and ern getting this together. keep beasting ppl

good shit with the team tourney for CvS2, Ed with the R4-Raiden was classic. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Chang was beatin that tourney, don’t sleep on the fat man, he grabs his belly for a reason! :nunchuck:

tekken dr


awsome ranbat. goodshit wilson on getting 2nd in ST also good job brian on winning.

no mudbuts this tourny lol, flare you rock!