Tokyo Game Action: TGA Ranbat 3.3 + SFIV/SBO donation (Winchendon, MA) 8/02/08

Smart idea with an economy crash right around the corner.

I’ll run GGAC this time if you need anybody, if no one steps up for Melty Butt I’ll run it too but if Kayin has any outbursts about scrubs he’s going in the trash can. FINAL.

ill do tekken again, if i can get that day off also can i get that basara x/ngbc or arcana side tourney going id start b4 ed’s kof …there wont be any ties for 4th lol

That will probably happen since KDJ whoops him everytime. MUKAI MM!!! BITCH!!!

i might be down that weekend if so i want in on some ST action

this fucking dumb ass… wat game u want to get fuck up in this time BBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I WORK!! I WORK!!! I GET THE JOB DONE. I WORK!!!

How else are you going to get to Canada?

So whos going to run GGAC? cause im not.

Heard of NAFTA?

I got it yo, I’ll run that shit under wraps. Gonzales will be eliminated via tournament and not random byes this time.

He got eliminated by random byes last time? Impressive.

all i ask is that the brackets be a little seeded this time in the games…the dates are good for me and i hope the kitchen is running so i can get some curry!!!
BTW is there any news on TGA getting Tekken 6??? that shyt is hot!

the japanese dont seed hence I dont expect tga to seed except by region

stretches k, coming for sf4

KOF 98 UM BITCH!!! $5 BITCH!!!

Also can I run MBAC instead of threat?

exactly…be kinda gay going against tony first round considering we play together all the time…who ever did the 3rdstrike brackets and cvs2 did a good job with the seeding making it feel more like climbing a latter you know gradually the comp is getting harder and harder with each win…i mean you cant perfectly seed it anyways cause people like smooth and nestor ya know gotta face somebody lol

Another one that doesn’t read the rules. :smile:

I had bracket maker do 3s/cvs2/3s. I don’t know what redbeard did with GG. Ill put the brackets on the wall prior to starting so all complaints can be done before hand.

When is SF4 gonna be there? That friday? Just wondering because i’m probably gonna spend a day (thurs) in NY and come up on friday.

SF4 won’t be released yet…this is a tournament to help donate to the cost of buying it.


Yo nestor I talked to Andy and he said it was cool for me to run the smash tourney so could you please add it to the line up. It’s gunna start a 5pm thx nestor.:woot: