Tokyo Game Show 2011 thread

TGS is less than a month away and it starts Sept. 15. I’m basically starting this thread as a place where people can share info/rumors they’ve heard on the show before and during it. I’m not gonna be taking off that week like I do E3 every year but I’ll try to help in posting up whatever I can find when I can.

First thing of interest being this Pre TGS rumor list on the Gaf.

In particular that one involving Bayonetta 2. CG movie would be interesting.

Bayo 2.


If Bayonetta 2 is announced, how the fuck would it surpass its predecessor.


Looking forward to the trailers and games X3 Hopefully S-E will announce plans for KH and FF collections for PS3, and Capcom surprise all of us with JoJo B. A. coming to PSN in 2012.

If there’s more Bayo it probably wont’ be a straight Bayonetta 2. Kamiya has said he has interesting in working in that universe again, but that he’d like to try something else in it.

Well, even if it is Bayo2 I will scream in delight like a schoolgirl

Not feeling a bayo 2 announcement yet. Maybe a teaser. Anarchy isn’t out until the beginning of next year, and a Bayo 2 announcement would kill what little hype that game has now.

Just image a Shenmue on this this generation’s tech.


Dear Tomonobu Itagaki. Loved your Ninja Gaiden games. You’re supposed to show the first new footage of Devil’s Third since you announced it. Please let it not suck, and remember that your true fans have balls, and aren’t afraid of a challenge.

Guess this is a good time to pick up Bayo 1, a new copy in my local Gamestop is only $20 now.

Although I heard that the PS3 version is inferior to the 360 version.

It runs at 30fps instead of 60, but post patch the loading issues are basically fixed so aside from aesthetics the game is completely playable on ps3 and still completely worth playing.

I also want to hear more info on Devil’s Third…the short clip they showed last year (or was it this year?) at one of the other shows already looked like something awesome that I want to play.

Of course, I’d bust a nut at the mere announcement of Bayonetta 2, or even a side-story. Oooh, could you imagine if they put that out on the PSVita!? Sheeeit, I’d buy a re-release of part 1 on the Vita too.

Longshot— Viewtiful Joe 3, Capcom. Please…eh whatever… it’s a lost cause.

No, you know what would be a long shot?

Platinum Games making an Okami 2 or God Hand 2.

Looking forward to any new info on Vanillaware’s next tubular boobular project, Dragon’s Crown. Also, confirmation on any of the rumors from about a year ago of the supposed HD remakes of Odin Sphere and Muramasa would be nice, but I’m not holding out for them.

Also, Trollno needs to tell us something about Darkstalkers.

Odin Sphere with more frames would be hella nice. Odin Shere has the absolute best story of any jrpg, PERIOD!

Grim Grimoire’s was awesome to.

Bayonetta 2 pretty please!!! I will do unethical pleasure acts to P* for it.

5 posts in a row asking for the same thing I want.


No MGS Rising at TGS

God dammit lol. Are we gonna have to wait till E3 to see anything more on this game?

TGS next year.

I read on GAF that the team are working on the game, but aren’t making a preview build any time soon.

Monster Hunter Tri G 3DS, LETS GO!!!