Tokyo Joe Back?!

Air posted the list of attendees for Godsgarden 4 and in Pool A he’s got Joe listed using C.Viper. I’m not sure if that’s Tokyo Joe but if it is I’m going to flip. That’s the original C.Viper of Japan and I’m definitely looking forward to this if it’s him.

I’m about to pee myself. I wonder if Krone and Latif’s performance over the past year [online and offline] has something to do with him being coaxed out of retirement.

Then again, I’ve [as well as others] always had this suspicion that aki0 aki0 on XBL was Joe in ‘disguise’. I meant to ask Tokido about it when I met him at FR but completely forgot.

It’s confirmed to be Tokyo Joe!!

Some translated his comment and it said he came out of retirement because he was impressed with Latif’s Viper. Please, please, PLEASE, let Joe wreck shop in this tournament.

And yeah, I remember back in Super, loads of rumors were floating around as to what Joe’s ID was, like Aki0.


I heard he played VF also.

yes i saw this as well and got really excited. its great to see him comeback.

lol, Latif’s vortex is gdlk. It even pulled Joe back in the game.

I had a feeling this was the case.


Just saw Joe on stream vs Shungoku Neurosis. Didn’t go well for him. :frowning: He did take 2 years off from the game though haha.