Tokyo Super Battle Opera qualify(CVS2)-12/15


The qualify will run Dec. through Feb. in all over Japan and Cali in Jan. :slight_smile:
This is the first CVS2 qualify held in Tokyo.
What’s sucks was participants were limited to only 24 people who preregistered.(first come, first serve)
Here are the results of Today’s tourney.

CVS2 Super Battle Opera qualify in Taito Station Shibuya, Tokyo
1st: Bouya (P-Satat/Rolento/ChunLi) - Qualified
2nd: Mago (C-Sagat/Blanka/ChunLi) - Qualified
3rd: Yu (C-Sagat/Rugal/Kim) - DNQ (possible alternate)
4th: Morikawa (A-Blanka/Iori/Bison) - DNQ
5thT: TsuBal (C-Sagat/Blanka/Vega) - DNQ
5thT: BAS (A-Sakura/Blanka/Bison) - DQN

about grooves they used: C was played most, then A. K and P were almost same few numbers,
NOBODY used N/S groove.
(Everyone recognizes N is too weak against super RC turtler)

Hilight: the top rankers of weekly CVS2 ranking battle showed up.
None of team Daigo came. Tokido wasn’t there either.
Shiro was expected to win, but lost to Bouya at first round -Everyone’s surprise.
Then Bouya defeated BAS and Morikawa one after another.
(Morikawa is current ranking battle champion who wins 4 times in a row)

Big upsets everywhere. Nobody could expect this final result.


Did you play kuni? Also what arcade do the top japan players play at mostly. The reason way I want to know is because I have a good friend that just moved to japan and he doesn’t know anyone. If you could help him out that would be great sir.


I’ve heard about Bouya. Wasn’t he that guy that OCV’ed Choi with P-Rolento when he went to Japan? If that’s him, he’s really solid. Parry into low forward xx Patriot Circle is way too good. He deserves to be right up there :slight_smile:

I’ve heard about this debate before, but I don’t really see how C has that advantage over N. Care to shed some light on this Kuni?





yeah, that was him.


C can air block, which while at first that doesn’t sound that important, it becomes important when people are throwing out random invincible moves. For example:

Ryu Vs. Blanka
The only way for Ryu to punish a blocked blanka ball is if he has meter. So you will see a lot of Blanka’s just do RC Ball over and over against Ryu. However, if Ryu is in C mode, he can jump up when he sees the ball and air block it. Now what happens is that when you air block, you are in block stun less than when you are on the ground. So assuming Ryu does air block the RC Ball, he will land in time to do hurricane kick from anywhere on the screen. If Ryu was in the corner he could land in time to sweep blanka and go for crossup or whatever.

The main reason why N has been dying out in Japan I guess is because it doesn’t have many options vs. Roll Cancel besides Counter Roll.
C can air block
A can custom through it
P can parry it
K can just defend it

Plus C can roll cancel as well.

Hope this helps,

Derek Daniels


I couldn’t play, while just pre-registered 24 of them could.
But even if I’d played, I’d have just got killed. I’m just a scrub.

Top Japan players go to ‘MORE’ arcade in Shinjuku, Tokyo where high competition is all the time and everyday.


Re: Re: Tokyo Super Battle Opera qualify(CVS2)-12/15

Thanks Omni. It’s good when you think about really… Maybe this could work pretty efficiently against RC Honda. Makes perfect sense. But the problem is some RCs that are really well such as Iori’s rekka don’t get affected by this. Since I live in PR and I am not used to people RC’ing (MvC2 dominated nation -_-) I’m trying to see what I could come up against next time around for me. Random Iori RC rekka that hits you while you jump = free custom.

N can RC as well… but it’s doubtable they’ll want to do it. When I pick a run groove I just run up to their faces =/

I’ve been using S-Groove kinda effectively against some RC’s, especially Blanka and Iori. Since you can react pretty quickly with the buttons, generally dodge cancelled normals (knockdown versions, the far hitters) get them. I for once, use S-Cammy, and I haven’t had that much trouble with RC Honda (debatable due to competition… I have to see.) IMO S has a lot of anti-rc potential, but I’ll just have to wait and see, plus test it out. Thanks man. And shave your beard >=)



Yeah Bouya is pretty raw…I loved watching his P Groove matches…Imma try and get down to Anaheim to Qualify…wish me luck NGL-Crew…



Gooooo p-groove!:smiley:


are there any vids of bouya out there? I’ve never seen him play.:frowning:


Kuni, can players who did not qualify go to other locations and retry to gain entry?..:slight_smile:



Mad props to Bouya! P-groove power!

Thanks for the info Kuni!


That just sounds so not fun to play against. :frowning:

I got owned so bad there. It was hella fun though. :smiley:

Thanks for the updates Kuni.


Yes, they can. Once qualified, no re-entry in that game in another location.

I’m not sure Bouya’s footage is available, but Ino brought CVS2 matches VCDs which contain Makoto’s (thought as #1 P-grv player) footage.
Ino had sold 6 sets of those VCD in NEC3 there.


I was just checking some of the other dates, for listed qualifyers on the front page, and there weren’t any type of updates??..:confused: does anyone know them or anything?:lol:



dang…I am very impressed with Bouya and his p-groove…any vids??


They’re all on #gamecombos…just do a search for Bouya…I’ve got a few matches with him, he’s a parry MANIAC, he tricks people into getting parried!


I apologize to the younger viewers of SRk for what i must say.



Kuni: Have there been any major changes to the tiers or popularity of charecters in japan for cvs2? Also has capcom all stars been released there? And if its been released do the japanese gamers like it?

Anyone here knows who got the INO VCD and whos selling it? Im interested in the set.


not much changed for characters; every single player uses Sagat, most of them use Blanka as well, then your favorite character.
all stars will come next year, but not many ppl liked it as far as beta ver.