Toledo, OH: Perfect Legend lives here!

Lol I am going to take a shot at this again.

I play most of the mainstream fighting games

2D: SSF4, MVC2, ST, STHDRemix, 3s
3D: DOA, Tekken, VF, Soul Calibur

Hey! Im a scrub but im working on that. Games im interested in are :

2d: SSF4, MvC2, HDRemix, BB, Mark of Wolves
3d: T6, VF5

I live in BG but can travel.

Edit: Looking forward to MVC3 as well

I really only play SSF4 ? but looking to get a weekly meetup going. Wed or Thurs. evenings work best for me. Still scouting out locations ?*I’ve got a list of places to check out. If anyone has any suggestions or input on where the meetup should be post them up.

dont have any specific places in mind. I dont mind going to TOL or whatever. Mondays and Tuesdays work best but other days before 5 work too.

Studioque got me into SSF4 so I am interested in playing that. Always willing to learn/ take a beating.

Are you guys going to be getting that marvel?

Hey. Finally made a forum name here. Anyways, I play SSF4 and HD Remix. I’ve stopped playing these recently b/c random online ranked matches get really lame and pointless after a couple hundred times!!

Something local would be a great addition, and it’d give me reason to play again. Aojiroi
I have you on my friends list, we shld have a match sometime…(if I bust SF out again). I’d like to see Perfect Legend schooling people in person too. lol

MvC3 is going to be amazing!! I just don’t know if I’ll be getting it b/c I’ll have alot going on and it would probably rule my life.

P L does alot of schooling from what ive seen. Ugh. One day i hope to take a match from him lol. Oh yeah i just realized your Rd Bridge hah. yeah thats weird that i friended you on xbl and your from the area.

I think were trying to set something up semi regularly in the Tol area or maybe Owens? Im in BG so im assuming ill be driving that way since theres equal parts jack and shit down here.

Yo sup ppl
2D: SSF4 (i play this mainly)
3D: T6
interested in MK “9”

Ironing out some details with the weeklies but they will be starting up soon. Details posted here as soon as we have them. We’ve also started a Facebook Group for those interested ? we’ll send messages to group members when there’s news about meetups and tourneys in the area. You can join here:

TFGS Facebook Group

well im willing to get together… the question is when?

Looks like its going to be Wed. evenings. We’re in talks with a couple of venues and as soon as we have something finalized I’ll post it up here and on the facebook group.

Looks like im out.

ugh @ owens lol.

Weds, thursdays or friday. My bday is this thurs so thats a no go. I am ready to play some marvel!

Oh sundays too.

Im free Mon and Friday. Most weekends im working.

Wednesday Evenings. 8pm. Attic on Adams (Adams St, Uptown Toledo). Starting June 1st.

If you’re on FB hit up our group page:

Oh wow I completely forgot this thread existed.

Anyone play MBAA or AH3 here besides myself?


This Wed. at the Attic, we’re at it again:

For anyone who plays MK who might wanna take the long drive down to CBus for some games next Friday night:!!!&p=77105&viewfull=1#post77105

Hello again peeps. i just wanted to stop through and leave a quick reminder about MWC and SBO Qualifiers this weekend. It is being held in TN for the first time this year and will be run by tourney vet Jason Wilson. Tourney info:
Tourney thread is here: ( I am posting this all over the regional threads so if you are interested/have questions contact me via any of the following methods as it would be nigh impossible to keep up with all of them and I want to make sure I get you all the info you need promptly:

-Post in current TN thread (It’s in Atlantic South)
-Post in MWC tourney thread
-Facebook - ( I’ll get you an invite to the event page ( as well. Info and updates will be posted there.