Toledo Ohio: Is anybody out there?


I wouldve posted where fun goes to die but that was taken! Im looking for players interested in SF but id settle for almost anything at this point. Looking to get a group started.


Uhh I think Perfect Legend is from Toledo.


Talk to perfect legend or Im not sure what are is close to toledo.


Already have. . .nothing has really come of that yet but im still pluggin away. Thanks


I’m here, I’m here! I live in Northwood, which is a few miles from the east side.


I’m moving to back to Sandusky, and am always willing to make a drive, or play on psn with locals. hit me up.


Send me PM if you want to get some games in. Phone number would help too haha.


I’m from Toledo but I currently live in Columbus.


Hit me up!

This town is dead when it comes to fighting games and tournaments… friend me or something.


We’re throwing a tournament in late June in the Cleveland area, you guys should try to make it out:


im from / live in toledo too … i get down on psn sometimes too , just hit me up im on srk always :slight_smile:


Lol @ everyone posting here and no pm’s


Break em in!


Can I get some contact info from someone? seriously lol


I get off at six tonight, Legend… I’ll add you. I actually ran into mun-chi IRL the other day at his work coincidentally.


Im kinda mad i found this post hahahaha im down when ever.i know legend and mun-chi already so just it me up


We all may be meeting up to play tonight. Also there is a tournament tommorow in ann arbor that starts at 1.


Yo PL you going to that, eh? Hmmm, I’ll have to see if I can make it then, i’ve been wanting to try to get some casuals in with ya.

Chances are looking slim though. :frowning:


Sandusky, OH here.


carl errrr uh toledo see you here!?p=9092652#post9092652