Tom Cruise Signs Up for Mission: Impossible IV

I still don’t think they topped the villain from M:I2, but I hope they can at least come close this time.

Wow good news I cant wait to see this lol not gonna try and get to hyped though

You didn’t like seymour philip hoffman? I thought he was the shit in MI3.

mi2 was great it had doves in slow motion. whats not to like.

Please… no more MI movies. No more Tom Cruise.

Good news. I love those movies.


Watch it before it will probably get yanked from youtube.

Edit:…and it’s gone. lol

I have to admit that the first and third movies didn’t suck. The second movie nearly put me to sleep with all the Jon Woo slow mos and Hong Kong wanna be stunts.

I just hate that all the M:I movies are just ham-fisted homages to other productions that the director is known for. BUT WITH TOM CRUISE


i love tom cruise

Tom Cruise needs to do more bad guy roles.
Collateral > every other Tom Cruise movie (except Top Gun )

Revvin’ up your engine
Listen to her howlin’ roar
Metal under tension
Beggin’ you to touch and go

Highway to the Danger Zone
Ride into the Danger Zone!!

That was a great role in Collateral that Cruise played. They could very well make Collateral into a franchise with that Statham cameo.

He has to afford those Scientology dues somehow

I heard he is doing broadway

I’m surprised to see that they are still willing to risk money on him being a box office draw.

As for the MI series, I really like MI:3. I felt actual danger and intrigue with the entire plot and especially the scene where they had to traverse the skyscraper gave me vertigo when I first saw it on the big screen.

yesssss, best role he has ever had.

MI3 was okay because the characters including Cruise at least appeared to be vulnerable and expendable. Except they mostly walked away from the mission unharmed and smiling in a group, like an 80s sitcom.

Cruise should step away from the franchise so it can really focus on team-based espionage like the TV show, instead of movie star-driven action. I’m tired of Hollywood fucking up my spy thrillers!

Direct feed trailer

Tom Cruise. Always runnin.

Yep saw the trailer b4 transformers and I was like yes lets get it Tom!!! ethan hunt all day!!