Tom Hanks has a son named Chet. Chet is a rapper. He calls himself Chet Haze


Tom Hanks’ son Chet Hanks’ rap single

I can’t fucking BELIEVE this. This has to be a joke. Right?

edit Here’s his facebook.

Oh fuck, I can’t stop laughing.


Yo Chet is the fuckin truth. Yo word is bond…the future of hip-hop right here. Plus hes Tom Hanks son so you know he got the Spielberg co-sign

White and Purple, white and purple, white and purple, white and purple


I wonder if he lets his dad hear the tracks first? I can just see Tom Hanks just sitting there, silent, and extremely uncomfortable.


As long as he fits in “I’m the son of The Last Nigga on Earth” in anything, I’m happy.


yo my dad is Forrest Gump. Stupid is…as a stupid does…

to infinity and beyond?

lmao this is too much to comprehend lol


holy fuck this is crazy. hahah how does shit like this happen?


wasnt that tim allens line?

Heres a better rhythm.

My homie Chad he ducks and he shoots.
Look out now



Toy Story ftw


I be smokin’ blunts, I be so damn high/
All in my daze, I wanna REACH FOR THE SKY…


Well that song was interesting…


Best I’ve heard so far…


i got a second story apartment and a living room full of windows
shouldn’t be jumping on this trampoline but i’m a big ass stupid kid, yo


How does his son look EXACTLY like him, well damn… Forrest Gump Jr is going to be ripping mics in due time, just wait…


yo, i’m a generic white frat bro trying to enter the rap game.
my flow sucks so thank god for my dad’s fortune and fame.


i cant believe i fucked up that bad -_-


Yo yo yo check it

My name is Chet Haze/
I just got me some dro and I’m about to blaze/
Got my dick out jerking to Jenna Haze/
In a scene with Jynx Maze/
Yep i got the good life, daddy is Tom Hanks/
He got money in the bank/
But he uses all of them on skanks/


yo, when i’m in the booth i’m a beast like my name was hooch
i drop my father’s stacks so the girls give up the cooch.


I see you frontin looking at my junk, NIGGA YOU GAY!
Gonna slap that hoe like Mr. Wilson in Castaway!
I roll in with some uppity 90210 bitches cuz I love 'em
Check your ego at the door cuz HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!


hahahaha. I want to say he’s sorta hot, but I can’t get past the fact that from his face it looks like tom hanks is staring into my soul


At least he isn’t as bad as B-SHOC, a white Christian rapper who has videos of him [media=youtube]s7cAYV_lVNI"]Christ like cruizin in his pimped out Chevy Cavalier or [URL=“”[/media].