Tom wont let me sleep

Ok Jerry stole my Toblerone, now Tom is stealing my sleep…What do you guys do w/ kittens going meow meow meow the whole night…

What are my options?

Stick them in a bin and shut the lid.

Bang your asian wife. That’s what I do.

punch them until they shut up

How about telling your wife to hurry up and cook dinner instead of letting it sit out during the night?

Where do you keep them at night? Do they roam free or do you have a kennel?

thats some real shit


exactly what i was thinking before i even opened the thread lmfao

Play with them all night and take cute pictures.

Some stray cat decided to give birth in my back yard…2 of them dead already, one is dying the other 2 is noisy as fuck & disturbing my sleep…

I never cooked cat before but do you pluck the fur or do just burn it in the grill? Should i kill them first or drop them in boiling water like lobster?

As for the 2 dead cats, if i bury them will they come back to life all evil or should i cook them too?

Give them to your boy Philth. He will use his cock to turn them into Shish Kabobs.

Fuck Philth, if he cant appreciate old school, then he no deserve sweet n sour cat!

Maybe i should do a poll like what i did with Jerry…

This was the result…

Just don’t bury them in a pet cemetery and you’ll be fine.

LOL and I thought this was serious

No im pretty serious, i can take pics of the two dead kittens if you guys want to see them…

haha naw thats cool I was referring to quieting the two living ones that are causing you grief

Well yeah, that’s why i made this thread…I want to know what options should i do with the live kittens?

A) Take cute pics & then smash them w/ hammer
b) Give a bowl of milk w/ poison
c) Bury them alive
d) take them to the animal shelter

I called a number from the yellow pages about picking up the dead kittens, they want to charge me $65 for that shit…WTF

im sure raccoons will get the dead kittens sooner or later