Tomahawk Buster/Condor Spire On Pad

i can’t do either of these(sometimes i can sometimes i can’t)
and it looks like if i want to be taken seriously as a hawk player

i need to know this so i can use the legendary ex TB Into Condor Dive Combo

well you sure do suck if you can’t do a dragon punch in a pad with a character who only has dp’s and one 720

other than** practice practice practice**???
-the ideal input is generally :dp: there may be some shortcuts but your execution will suffer if you rely on them.
-ex.tb-> isnt half as epic as people make it out to be. it costs 50% meter, and isnt always worth it.
-Learning the SPACING for condor Spire is more important than any other aspect of the move.
-Start by performing the motion slowly, once you consistently get it right, THEN work on speed.
-IF your using a ps3 pad, dont use the thumbsticks. They tend to be inconsistent at speed.
-IF your using a 360 pad, BURN IT!!! or SMASH IT WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!!!
-You have chosen to play a grappler on a pad, prepare to earn your thumb callouses, if you already have calloused thumbs, expect the callouses to grow thicker and ever more leathery, until you can stop bullets with your thumb.

Don’t be such a cockmonger. We all have to start somewhere.
I would rather see people admitting their shortcomings and asking for advice, than see people continuing to suck in silence, like the 12 billion scrubby ryu’s and guiles playing online atm.

Practice mode. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. There really is no other way around it. Try to do 10 of each in a row, then 15, 20, etc. If you miss one, start your count over. For TB, don’t try the shortcut method(there is no shortcut for the CS), just do the regular F,D,DF+P. Start with 10, then try doing 10 each walking forward, then on wake-up, then walking backwards, then work on 2-in-1 (that’s old school speak there son), aka ‘cancel’ it from jab, strong, mk, Thrust Peak (first part of animation). Then 2 jabs, then bigger combos. Go into trials and work the combos out. Start with the end of the combos (when it’s not the EX CD) and work your way backward. And, yes, I play on a pad. My execution would be infinitely better on a stick (I often press the wrong button because that finger would operate the button on a stick), but I can deal with a pad. I simplify my game quite a bit on the pad, but I can still EXECUTE well…maybe you could consider this too? I skip the crazy frame links on the pad because I simply cannot move my thumb that fast reliably. Don’t expect to bust out big ass combos with Hawk, you have to work up to it. Just like his game, execution in SSFIV take patience. I often spend 30 mins or more just trying to get ONE combo in the trials to work, but I keep at it until I figure it out. You aren’t going to be Daigo or Justin in a week, you arent even going to be on my execution level in a month, so put that idea out of your head right now. I still struggly mightily with FADC combos. I am just now getting to the point of them becoming something I don’t have to think about(I’ve only had a PS3 and Vanilla since Dec, so 6 months to get it o be 2nd nature) …until I have to FADC and dash back…then I’m gonna be beating my head against the wall for 30 mins to get it into a combo in trials. I’m just NOW working it into my actual game play. Good luck.


What’s your address? When I drive through St. Catherine’s next month, I’ll be sure to stop by and punch you in the mouth.

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Dont be rude man for no reason at all.

btw i use the analog stick not the directional pad(i find it’s more effective)

Yeah, don’t use the analog stick. Use the pad.

Analog stick is pretty sketchy with it’s inputs, though I can see how it would feel easier for 720’s and 360’s. I think the bad has more reliable inputs. If you are really having trouble with 360’s and 720’s buy a glove. You know like those cheap $1 ones that come out every winter. Should let your thumb slide around the pad more easily. You probably have some laying around. I know I do…err I just noticed you were from texas…So scratch the glove :lol:

I’m gonna level with you right now though. Buy a stick. You will be able to practice longer and not get sore thumbs. 360 and 720 more reliably. I bought one recently and I love it. So much better to play on. It will take some time to get used to, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion.

i can admit i’m not great but i can still pull off a decent dp when i can with t.hawk

i wasn’t being too hard handed serious about that anyway so chill bud

On the whole pad vs stick thing, Ignore stricnine, TRY BOTH, Before dropping the cash on a stick, and go with what works best for YOU.
There are plenty of people that use pad and do just fine. Sticks are the more popular option, and some things are certainly easier with them, but some things are easier on pads too.
Theres nothing you can do on a stick that cant be done on a pad, and they both have their strengths and weaknesses. But I think everybody will agree about the thumbsticks. If your doing dp motions on those…thats likely half your problem.

Try these if you’re dead set on the pad’s analog stick. They shorten the lateral distance you move the stick to do moves. I use them for 3rd person shooters (not FPS, those are strictly for PC’s).

Can we at least agree to try a fightpad?

Also, I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to ignore me.

I’ve considered getting a fightpad myself, but I’ve heard too many bad things about them. Primarily that they’re not built to last. I’d hate to buy one and have it give up the ghost only a month or so after purchase.

Asshole in the post, but he is right in a sense that really all he can do is practice :dp: or :df::d::df: until he can land the moves reliably.


Analog stick works fine on the PS3, actually makes grapplers easier to play, at least IMO… That is if he isn’t planning on upgrading to a stick.

The only problem with the analog sticks is that they take too long to do the moves, and they don’t automatically center themselves fast enough. You will move your thumb a LOT less with the pad.

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