Tomb Sweeping BEATDOWN - Philly, PA - 4/5/08

The Name
Tomb Sweeping LETDOWN

The Locale
University Pinball
40th & Spruce
Philadelphia, PA

The Games
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (ARC B2)
Arcana Heart FULL! (ARC)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (ARC)
Street Fighter III: Third Strike (ARC ver.A)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (ARC)
Tekken 5: DR (ARC)
Guilty Gear: Accent Core (PS2)
Capcom vs. SNK 2 (PS2)

The Price
$5 a game
$10 for GGAC entry($5 to pot, $5 to the house[Casuals are free])
$3 Late fee for EACH game you plan on entering if you try and sign up after Sign-ups period

The Schedule
11:00am - 3:00pm - Signups/Casuals
3:00pm - 4:00pm - Bracket Creation/Casuals
4:00pm - Third Strike | Melty Blood Begins
4:30pm - Guilty Gear | Tekken 5: DR Begins
5:00pm - Super Turbo | Arcana Heart Begins
5:30pm - Marvel vs Capcom 2 | Capcom vs. SNK 2 Begins

The Rules
# Double Elim.
# 2/3 Games for Normal Matches
# 3/5 Games for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals
# Winner must keep same character(Able to choose different Arcana[Arcana Heart only])
# If player is not available at time of match, will be sent to loser’s bracket. If already in loser’s bracket, will be eliminated. Name will be called out using intercom system.

The Equipment
Arcana Heart/Melty Blood/CvS2 runs on Sanwa joysticks & buttons
Third Strike/Super Turbo/MvC2/T5DR runs on American joysticks(p360s) & buttons

The Prize Distribution
70/20/10 for all games, winner take all if game has less than 10 participants

The Hotel Information
Sheraton University City - 36th & Chestnut
$160 a night - A list of hotels, the Sheraton being the closest to the arcade.

You should know the deal by now, this ish is as monthly as we can get it. Make it out, have some fun, get some matches recorded, hopefully leave home with some extra cash.

There are food spots within the area, and directions to the arcade will be posted up soon. The results of this event will be taken and scored to start off this year’s ranbat scoring. I have two cameras for recording tournaments, but I will need many more if I want to get everything completed recorded.

I’ll also be in need of people willing to run brackets/bring PS2s for Guilty Gear. The TVs are already there, we just need the equips to boot up the system.

NOTE: If for some reason the arcade gets AH2 before this tournament, the AH1 tourney will be replaced by an AH2 tourney.

NOTE: CvS2 has now been changed to a PS2 tourney, so you know the deal. If you have any extra copies of CvS2 lying around, bring em to the tourney.

So you flying me out there Hal?

Only if everyone is cool with me taking 10% of each pot for your flight :sad:

I think people wouldn’t mind, cuz it’s me coming down, coolest and best WC Arcana player alive.

If my budget looks good after FR, I might actually show up for this! However, my mind’s only focused on FR so can’t think much about it now.

Just put me on the “probably will show” list! This just might be my first chance to play MBAC and AHF on a cabinet… SWEET!!!

If you get AH2, i might show up.

haha ill be there. ill go back ghetto UP

You pick the worst fucking dates for these god damn tournaments, I swear.

This past one was on my dad’s birthday, and now this one’s on my sister’s birthday.

You inconsiderate asshole.


Then your sister was born on Tomb Sweeping Day. Surely you’re not blaming Hal for wanting to celebrate the holiday? :bgrin:


dawain, cvs2 will be much easier to get on ps2 than in a cabinet

can i ask one thing hal… please ask the arcade to set up ST on a Jap Cabniet they had MVC2 on one last time… it would help alot of ST players out believe me. ALSO PHILLY WANTS A REMATCH IN THE 5v5 more to the point i want a REMATCH I SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN THE ONLY ONE TO WIN N WE ALL KNOW THIS WHO WANTS TO SEE ROUND 2???

Putting ST on a cabinet with japanese controls would be great, if it’s possible. If all the NY players can make it down again, I’d like to have another 5on5.


What sticks and buttons does the DR machine if thats gonna be used, currently use?

I’m not sure on what the DR cab has, but I think I saw battop on it last time I looked at it, so I’m gonna say p360s. On request of supermin, CvS2 has been changed to a PS2 tourney. One TV’ll be used for CvS2, and the other will be used for GGAC. For both games its gonna be $10 upfront, so we can assure that house fee gets sorted correctly this time around.

I highly encourage everyone to spend the night at the Sheraton, it’s about $200 for one night, so 8 people in one room wouldn’t be that bad of a price, considering how big the room is. Chibi + Zaelar has been roughing it out by themselves, so I’m sure extra roommates would help in the price, along with giving you a place to stay for the night. Nobody likes going back home the same day :confused:

I’m going to also need some people to volunteer running brackets, because the last tourney I was basically running them myself until somebody finally asked if they could do it. It would help with speeding up things, and I won’t have to run around like a chicken with no head.

Any problems you guys would like to get addressed? (besides how crowded it was) Is there anything that may need fixing before this tourney, or something you’d like to see happen? I’m gonna consult the arcade owner about ST being put into the Jap Marvel cab, but other than that there seems to be no complaints. I’m gonna need two solid participants to bring along their PS2s, and once again some bracket runners. I’m also going to say that I’d much appreciate any extra recording equipment/SD cards. The ST guys had an excellent set-up for recording, and I’d like to see that happen for the other games (GG/3S got absolutely no attention in the recording department).

Is it possible to get a tighter stick on the MB cab, or to get those buttons spaced correctly ;p?

I’ll most likely be there, last one was good shit so why not. :smiley:

Btw, I don’t think CvS2 should be on console unless someone brings a CRT. The PS2 version doesn’t have progressive scan like GG does, it’ll lag AND look like shit. It was basically out of sheer luck GG didn’t lag.

The button spacing thing is something we can do, and Min is going to run CvS2 on his own TV, so there will be no house fee. For the people bringing PS2s for GGAC, we can see about getting you a discount, just let me know if you plan on bringing your stuff. I don’t want 15 guys with PS2s all bickering over what PS2 gets to get used, so they won’t have to pay an extra $5 dollars.

Good thing Kayin pointed out the HDTV thing, I totally forgot about it :confused: