Tommy Ramone, last original member of the Ramones, dead at 65



Adios Amigo, RIP.


Hope he enjoyed his ride to Rockaway Beach.


This is really sad news. I’m glad I didn’t miss seeing them while they were still around. Some dumb girl I was dating at the time tried to convince me not to go to the show. I’d forever regret it if I didn’t.
Such an iconic band.

A few of the lesser-known Ramones are still around though.


One of the best bands ever :slight_smile:


The Ramones will live on:


that’s so cute ^.^
the Ramones were huge in South America.
lastly, there was a movie involving two high school girls that wanted to throw some dance and wanted the Ramones to be there. does anyone remember the name of the movie? it was a early to mid 1980s movie.
I found out the title Rock ‘n’ Roll High School


RIP. I’m glad I saw them in concert.


Pop music will never be the same. Well at least we can look forward to hearing their classics in random commercials for Diet Pepsi, Budweiser, and Coppertone.


Ugh, RIP Real Musician.

3 of 4 dying to cancer. Terrible.


Hes not dead, hes just sedated.

(Ive seen worse jokes about people killing or dying on this forum so dont judge me.)


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The Ramones will live on:


I had Evo on in the background (was waiting for BlazBlue to start) and in the middle of the video there was just a very loud man screaming


I choked on my strawberry milk.