Tomo Ohira facts - Chuck Norris style


These are copied from the EventHubs thread where some people, including myself, started firing these off:

-i heard from a classified source… (no pun intended) that tomo could FADC in Street Fighter 2 Turbo!
-gootecks can throw his stick if he looses… but tomo on the rare occaision that he loses, throws the entire arcade.
-Capcom pays Tomo a quarter every time he plays a game.
-Tomo once flash-kicked a horse in the chin. Its descendants are today called Giraffes.
-Tomo was once fighting CPU dictator to beat CE (everyone was tired of throwing away their money of course) and after perfecting Dic in round one, Dictator actually went and found his cape, put it back on, and ran away.
-Tomo’s Guile caught him though. In a helicopter. And proceeded to perfect him the second round.
-Tomo actually executed Guile’s Ultra combo in Hyper Fighting. And it did legitimate damage.
-Tomo once shoryuken’ed a throw on reaction.
-once Tomo won three hundred straight games with Guile of course and his opponents ran out of money. He wasn’t done beasting, though, so he hammer fisted the machine, Fonzi style, and a credit magically appeared. He continued this process for another few hundred games before he got bored, left the arcade, and disappeared into the night.
-Once he was losing to some wall dive shenanigans on Claw’s stage. He had had enough so he unleashed a huge combo to gain the lead and then his Guile climbed up onto the fence and crawled around until time over.
-Once the drunk spectator on Gief’s stage ran out of Vodka. Being a true American hero and always looking out for the greater good even in the USSR (Rocky IV style), Tomo’s Guile dizzied Gief, went and refilled the man’s flask with some Vodka he called in via helicopter, and then returned to finished his combo for the KO.


Tomo once made some Chuck Norris jokes…

…and they were stilll as funny as they were when they first started being circulated. (ie.not at all)


Another failure thread by an 09er. Seriously, You shouldnt be allowed to make threads if you joined this year.


I dunno… I smiled abit at least.


Started out funny then degraded. Last one was fail.


That’s what I like to hear. I would love to know the percentage of posts on here that are no more than bashing a thread or another post, with no real content. If no one likes these, the thread will die soon enough. Patience, my friend.


Shouldnt have been born.



every brawl thread created in this section proves your statement incorrect.



aye the genshiro threads were pure comedy tho


Genshiro’s not an 09er though. He’s been here almost as long as you I think.


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This thread is the best from now. Keep going.


Tomo actually lost a money match once. But he also won it - the match was between his left hand and his right. His right hand won by a pixel. To this day the amount of money riding on the match remains unknown, but Mike Watson has stated that he won $50 on a side bet.

There is a scene in the Capcom-produced Tomo teaches SF2 video where the geeky host, sporting a conspicuously 90’s outfit, claims to be training partners with Tomo, which Tomo denies. What the cameras didn’t show is that immediately after the director said “cut,” Tomo flash kicked the host, took his money, and went to the arcade to play HF with it.

Once someone attempted to mug Tomo for his tournament winnings in a back alley. Tomo proceeded to neutral jump over all of his attacks, trap him against a wall, and beat him mercilessly with a combination of quick jabs, throws, and flash kicks. Then he charged him a quarter for his time.

Tomo once gave a hobo a quarter, but told him that if he didn’t use it to buy food or play HF, he would track him down in Guile’s helicopter and flash kick him.

Someone help me out here.


Alright, this thread was worth making :]


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I laughed at the throwing the arcade one, but the rest were not so funny, and why so many helicopters?


How about… NO!


It’s a free country.


Once a guy talked trash to Tomo during a tournament. After decimating his opponent, Tomo turned to him and said, “There’s one thing that you need to learn about this game.” “What’s that?” “Talking trash isn’t safe on block.” Tomo proceeded to flash kick him in the face.

Tomo once decided to try E. Honda in a tournament and got sent to the loser’s bracket (he later won with Guile). He was so infuriated that he called Honda a fatass and told him to lose weight. Honda proceeded to join Nutrisystem for men and lost over 150 pounds.


justin wong napped once during a CvS2 money match and won.


yah, and you don’t own this forum…so, uh, stfu…


There were a couple funny ones but the rest were just fail.

Why so much helicopters, quarters, and flash kicking people in the face?