Tomonobu Itagaki Resigns!

I searched the forums and surprisingly didn’t find this piece of information, if this has been posted than feel free to delete it mods.

So Itagaki officially stated he would not helm another Ninja Gaiden or DoA title for Tecmo, could this be the end of crappy fighting games and over the top ninja awesomeness? I doubt it, but at least he will stop talking out of his ass over them.

REJOICE!! hopefully the plentiful jiggle effects stay lol

There’s 2 threads about this.
1 in FGD and 1 in GD. Dunno what happened to the one in FGD…

Merged… :bluu:

Why I couldn’t find it here, I’ll rant and praise in the GD one then thanks. Mods please close

Good. He’s a dickhead.

And if you browse, even they’re happy about him leaving.

There’s already been a thread about this in GD

you’re late dude