Tomonobu Itagaki's Top 5 most Loved/Hated Games


Sorry, but I had to post this. Check out the “Most Hated” section at the bottom:

LOL! Too good!



It’s funny because I got done playing Tekken.


i cant believe he didnt just list his games as his top 5 lol


Itagaki’s such a troll.

LMAO@each Tekken title being highlighted by vnuivreounOMGNINJAEDIT


LOL, THAT was the funniest part!

(you kinda spoiled it)

(spoiled what? -SK)


co-sign :rofl:


I agree with his hate list


Itagaki is hilarious lol.


Everything else aside, Dragon Quest II was boss.


<3 Tomonobu Itagaki <3


I agree you’re a tool.


Itagaki you are the man:tup:


i think this guy dun like tekken much :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry that i dont like tekken


Haha. That was funny.

I love tekken btw.


That’s not why you’re a tool per se. I could give two shits that you don’t like it, your post just came off as a blatant troll attempt. But, by all means, disregard the tool comment if that wasn’t your intention.


No, trolling was my intention. Same as Itagaki~

edit~ that is to say i think his list is hilarious :smiley:


I think the point everyone here is missing is that sucks, and thats a pic of DW1 and not DW2.
Though their pics of Tekken are rocking.


what’s up with paul on all of them tekken pictures?


I believe it’s to emphasize his point that Tekken really hasn’t changed much in his eyes. He looks at Tekken 5 as Tekken 1.4 . Which is why he calls the games “spin-offs” and such. That’s how I read it.

I mean at least he went through a total rehaul from DOA1 -> DOA2 and so far it looks like some good things with DOA4. But let’s not turn this into another DOA gameplay discussion, I’m just speaking my mind.