Tonamento - Tournament Management System

Dear world,
I’ve made a new thing. It’s a web based tournament management system.

For tournament organizers, it gives them:
[]Event and tournament listings sorted by date.
]A player database to select from when adding players to brackets.
[]Automatic bracket creation.
]Auto or manual seeding based on past player performance.
[]Automatic calculation of pot and payout splits.
]Automatic updating of current matches to call with ability to rollback bracket to any previous match if winner incorrectly selected.
[]Automatically updated bracket for the world to follow in real time.
]Players automatically notified via text message when their match is up.
[*]Results immediately available to the public and saved for eternity!

For players, it gives them:
[]Tournament history.
]Lifetime earnings.
[]Performance tracking.
]Automatic seeding.
[*]Automatically notified via cell phone text message when your match is up.

For everyone else:
[]Present, past, and future events and tournaments listings.
]Player database with tournament history, lifetime earnings, and performance charts.
[*]Ability to follow tournaments in real time with current matches, past results, and realtime bracket.

I’ve begun to populate the system with past results. If you have full results from a tournament that isn’t listed, feel free to pm them to me along with event name, date, location, and entry fee, and I’ll add them. If you notice any mistakes or duplicate player listings, let me know so I can fix them.

Players, if you’re in the system, let me know if any info is incorrect or provide me with missing info.

  • Signups now open to anyone.

Suggestions welcome.

This is one of the best things I’ve seen so far. Quick and easy way to get full results.

Hope everything works well with this :pray::tup::cool::wonder:

Thanks fran. I dedicate this to you, for all the horrible things Henry has done! :crybaby:

this owns gj damdai

now its up to ppl to use it

Gs D, add gvn summer jam to the list aug 22nd.

past or future? for future events, i want u to use this in your tournaments, so youll be able to add events yourself. this can be used for registration, brackets, seeding, and results, so its a 1 stop solution. i have some other things i want to add specifically for use on location, such as special views for dedicated monitors that can display things like upcoming matches in big letters with automatic countdown to disqualification to take some of the load off of the workers. this will also be easier for players so they dont have to constantly be on the listen for their name in a loud room. just keep a periodic eye on the large monitor mounted somewhere high. maybe even a projector setup. stuff like that.

This site is incredible and i hope it’s universally used for easy organization and tracking.

Good job, Damdai.

Is there any option to list characters that each player used in the tournament?

I’m also interested to see how this program would co-exist with any streamed webcast of tournaments, especially majors. It kinda sucked not being able to use the internet during the last day of Seasons’ Beatings because of the bandwidth FADC needed to run the stream.

Damdai !!!

BTW it’s Liu not Lau because Lau is Cantonese spelling -
Plus I would just like to add that I got 1st in one of the 8otb in Sep? the same night you were there. There were 30 entrants so yeah, thanks buddy :slight_smile:

Nice job, damdai. Can you add a filter for which tourneys a game was in? You know, since not every tourney has ST/HDR and all.

How does the seeding algorithm work? I’d imagine another aspect of normal tourney bracket distribution would be region but that seems pretty annoying to implement.

Please give this a try, tourney organizers. Realtime results would be sweet.

Damdai this is dope. You are a true asset to the community.

I’ll be sure to try this out next tournament I run.

I’m curious to see how this plays out in the long run. So sickkkkk.

Good shit damdai! Should add Evo North 2k9 ^_^.

Tournaments > sort by game


Games > select game > tournaments tab

Seeding is done by calculating a skill rating for each player based on performance, with weight given to placing higher in larger tournaments, and placing top 3. If I can find a nice way to implement region seeding, ill do it.

Thanks to whoever said nice stuff.

Andy, I got you right in my phone, wrong in my brain. Smelly tofu beeyotch!!

Chachi, no plans to track character selection. I’ll revisit that later.



pretty classy, damdai.

this might come handy as a starting point:

anyway, damdai you are awesome :pray:

i always disliked the fact no one was listing their events in the forum Calendar for a better overview of upcoming tournaments… but your site is far more than that

Nice job Damdai.

Really hope this takes off.

You should try to work this into a program like Tio(Tournament organizer) or some offline bracket programs for people to upload results quicker later.

Alot of venues may not have internet connections to be able to do a few things.

Or of course create your own offline bracket program to go along with the site.

I just added automated cell phone notifications for matches. This is huge!!

This is NICE! I went in to add my tourney from November because I’m vane like that but you beat me to it :rofl:

Damdai just got +500 Thelo Points for this!