TONIGHT: 3S ranking battle

#3srb on (EFNET)

nfba dtr9
kaillera p2p client feb 23

9pm edt!


  1. exodus
  2. nataku
  3. nica ko
  4. sensifield
  5. mariodood
  6. bars n’ hooks

full brackets shown at:

is hamachi still required?

hamachi is not a requirement… if neither can host, settle on a server. if that’s not possible, figure out a solution, or both be DQ’d.

isnt Chi-Rithy running the one in #Sf101RB channel??

he said most likely

my channel is superior. you don’t have to type as much.

this is the same ranbat. i just announced it.


registration in process.

LION 2wins 1loss + coinflip= the fix was in!