Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD remake



Unlike most HD remakes this gen, the new THPS will be a complete overhaul of the game, graphically. Info about the gameplay hasn’t been released yet, but many assume it will play like THPS1 judging from the video.


So they’re doin what 343 Studios did with Halo CE then?


looks fun


If this is a remake of the one that was on the Dreamcast…I like it already.


Going by that video it looks like its more to it than that. I mean the OG Tony Hawk 1 graphically was atrocious by today’s standards.


I hope the remake covers THPS 1-3; those were the best games out of the series. If not, I don’t care if they do yearly releases, I’m complacent with that. I just hope they stop around THPS4 or THUG.


If they could remake THUG or THPS4 (not the second THUG, that was fucking garbage) I would be the happiest man in the world.


I hope they bring back the ost too, that’d be sweet. When I was little I loved playing this game to that superman song.


I think I may still have at least one of those Dreamcast demo discs with the original THPS


This could be tight. But I don’t know if i would play this over SKATE. It is definitley a step in the right direction for the Tony Hawk games though.


So is Halo 1 quite honestly. That real time graphics flip in the Anniversary collection has show me just how badly Halo 1 has aged. It looks awful.


This and SSX next year?

Sega. It’s time to bring it back…


hopefully this will have the same music

why only THPS1 tho, why not the trilogy. the airport was epic


I still have mine…why I was asking.


yeah but we’re talking about PS1 graphics. I mean with Halo 1 its bad but not anywhere on the level of PS1 bad.


At this point it’s same difference Kuso. Shit is shit.


So just part 1, eh?
I loved part 2 the most, but part 1, had that song “so here I am…”



i just made a post about this game a few weeks ago!

in FGD.



Tryin to put Keits outta the job are ya now?


The lack of Tony Hawk 3 kinda kills it for me. That was by far the best game in the series.