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hey guys quick question whats the most optimal corner grab combo for tony with no assist, no x-factor, and 1 meter or 3?


I am confirming off of unibeam plus spencer alpha assist. I can only get dash up L smartbombs into C.m S J.dh add J.h flight. i want to go into J.h J.uh adu once i do flight but the game won’t let me since air dash height restriction is in affect :/. any help to complete the combo? thanks in advance.


i’m practicing this exact air confirm as well. i like doing the repulsar follows up with drones for the 3 repulsar reps. gotta get that good damage


Yeah after practicing it you’ll be able to tell at what height you get a Repulsor vs what height you get the full jump loop. The jump loop gives you more damage and meter (a pretty substantial amount) but the L Repulsor Blast is less height dependent.


Hey guys, having a dilemma with my Iron Man. Playing Avengers (Cap, Thor, Iron Man) cause of my character loyalty and I have the worst time getting in on almost every character (even with X-factor). I can zone decently with him but I find confirms (especially to the krispy kreme) difficult to do. I love Iron Man but he is probably the least threatening character on my team cause of my difficulty playing him. I would appreciate any tips or advice you guys can give me.


try looking into the iron man tutorial series:


some useful stuff in there, but be warned somethings are a little bit over exaggerated so take everything with a grain of salt. also you should master the krispykreme as its one of iron mans most important bnb for hit confirming his horrible S, teaches you the timing on unfly combos (air hit confirm combos are an important example), from max range can still connect all hits after flight j.m and onward unlike his other combos which sometimes let his S whiff depending on the range and you can use a variety of assists to extend the combo for more damage. also you should check the front page for more stuff to help you out and this thread which has some good stuff that might help:

if i forgot anything feel free to add anyone.

hoped i helped!


I wanted to play an avengers team too, but the problem with them is that they are mostly point or second characters and not anchors. Ironman has trouble getting in without assists and most of his good mixups are high low mixups ( using super jump xx air dash down) which means that lockdown assist greatly Benifit him. If you don’t want to change up your team though ( I would recommend perhaps IM or Thor Thor on point, cap on anchor… Shield slash, or a close mighty spark could help I’m with a little bit of lockdown…for hit confirms) then I would recommend watching match vids of dapVip on YouTube. He plays a very good anchor ironman.


Thanks guys, I have watched the tutorial a few times before but haven’t been able to implement a lot of the techniques for my own team. I will practice the parts I am really weak on such as the the air to air combos but I feel like Iron Man would get beat out in such exchanges (my experience coming from trying to beat out Doom, Vergil, Wolverine, Hagger, Dante, and Sentinel) so I opt to play lame instead.

I may change my Iron Man assist from repulsor to unibeam though I am hesitant to do so.
The reason being is that repulsor allows for extremely easy grabs since it locks most enemies down. It gives Thor pretty much a free command grab on incoming and a pretty cool flashy combo on incoming. (Repulsor assist, Thor Mighty Speech, instant the enemy touches the ground Mighty Punish, DHC into Hyper Charger Star. You can also whiff the HCS for a full combo instead.)
With unibeam I can think of some purposes for it, one of which allowing me to convert off random charging stars as well as giving a safer cartwheel cross up.

On another note I checked out the videos of Danke (which I heard about from everyone here in Killeen as well) and DapVip and they were quite helpful. I like how DapVip does his move in (SJ, ADDF, j.dH) but is that safe to do cause it doesn’t seem so to me.
I will more than likely keep Iron Man on anchor but I will try to do some other team orders as well. Since (in my opinion) out of the three characters I am working with Iron Man has the best use of X-Factor as Cap really only has simple cross ups and Thor doesn’t get a speed bonus from X-Factor. While Iron Man only gets high low mix ups by himself he can change it up by doing two+ overheads at a time.


Personally I would set the order to Thor/Cap/Iron Man if you’re going to play team Avengers.

Unibeam makes both Thor and Cap way better characters. Cap benefits quite a bit from the pseudo dhc glitch off Mighty Punish (whiff hyper charging star into org shield slash). And Iron Man is probably the best anchor of the bunch given his welcome mixups and speed boost.

That said, team Avengers isn’t great :(.


Ive got a few questions:

  1. What exactly makes Nova so much better than IM? I know that Nova can convert off of throws much better, but aside from that, both have a slow trijump…but both have a fast as fuck ADD high / low mixup. Can anyone shed a little more insight?

  2. I know the IM boards have this consensus that IM is pretty shitty…but regardless: Paired with S/A tier teammates, can a team with tony be viable to win consistently?

  3. What other characters does IM benefit most from assist wise and DHC wise?

  4. How is IM on point? How does he fair vs other common point characters?

  5. Can IM convert into a full combo off of Vajra?

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer these questions <3


IMO, Nova and IM are completely different characters, so it’s not really fair to compare/contrast them. Nova is a rushdown character with a few zoning tools, his j.H OS is pretty busted and converts really well. His other specials all have a lot of forward momentum working for them. IM on the other hand has specials that are all about staying in one place and controlling everything around him. I’ve never understood why people have been so deadset on playing IM as a rushdown character when his tools clearly say that’s not his strongest playstyle.

I like IM and have had pretty good success with him so far (I do agree that he’s not a good rushdown character, though.) I think for him to shine you have to pair him with an assist that lets him convert off of his spacing game and if you’re building a team around him, a second assist to limit air mobility or help enforce his incoming game, my second assist is an invincible alpha counter and that is a really nice get out of jail free card to have (people love rushing IM down hard since he’s seen as such a soft target, being able to punish people for that is really nice.) The lower tier your team is, the more you’ll have to be on your game and the more synergy your team will have to have. I’m sure you could always put him with a top tier shell and if he dies it doesn’t really matter. Ideally, you may want to play him more in a support role. His assists/DHCs/THC gimmicks are really strong for certain characters and it’s hard to say you should put him on point consistently since so many characters get so much off it.

My vote for #1 IM assist is RR’s Log (plus there’s some nice mad hopper hard tag gimmicks, and all his supers convert well). It converts off of practically everything at range and the wall bounce is long enough for IM to dash up and get a full combo off it. RB, cr.H, UB all lead into solid damage with log. Past that, the general consensus is missiles, drones or other slow moving lockdown assists (RR’s spitfire would probably work well too since it’s mini drones except they don’t go away on hit and RR is often too short to get hit anyways.) I imagine other options like Ammy’s CS would work well if you have something that lets you get corner pressure (again Missiles, Drones, and CS all shine in his rushdown game and I don’t feel like IM shines in that position.)

IM’s spacing game is fantastic against heavies, doom, v.joe + other zoning characters that don’t put out as much durability as him. Most characters with very horizontal gameplans have a hard time with IM since he does a great job of controlling the horizontal as well as his RB range. Outside of that relatively small portion of the cast, he doesn’t do great. His SoM options are a little lacking as well so you have to be committed to blocking the first 5~10 seconds of the game before you get a chance to run your game.

IIRC, he can convert fine off of Vajra, but the issue is that he can’t abuse vajra as much as some other since his air mobility isn’t particularly tricky and it’s hard to get close enough to pick up off the knockdown at range.


What do you guys use for Iron Man normal jump height j.H xx fly confirms?


after j :h: xxfly i do addf d :h: x2 unfly d. :h: cr. :h: :s: +:a2: (Drones) + sj :m: :m: :h: d. :h: :s: land :h: RB > :l: RBx2 xx APC


Hey blood I don’t know if this is a bother but would it be alright if you put spoiler tabs on the videos to make load a bit faster and look cleaner. Also making sections for specific scenarios like SJ/normal jump confirms, BnB’s, resets, TAC’s and etc. This thread should be the number one spot to go to for iron man combos so I think we should at least clean it up a bit and make it look the part. sorry if i’m being a nag :(.


no you’re not nagging at all friend because that’s a pretty reasonable request (should have put spoiler tags on the videos on day oneXD). i’ve been meaning to do this for sometime now but i’ve been procrastinating a lot of things like my magneto reset video etc. i’ll get to it as soon as possible though so keep on the look out!


So apparently if you hit L and back during Iron Man’s ground dash you can stop and block earlier than you would normally be able too (before frame 11). Was anyone aware of this? I don’t think its enough to get around his shit ground dash but it at least lets you get positioning and block faster.


good find. seems good for more tick throw setups and resets


I really hope this is the start of finding ways to cancel Iron Man’s ground dash earlier but it doesn’t seem like it lets you do a c.M too much earlier.

Doing it this way DEFINITELY is faster then doing a wavedash, I think there might be something here.


Well in Lvl3 x-factor IronMan you can plink his ground dashes but as far as i know without x-factor the most plinks i could do was 3


iron man always could plink dash without xfactor tho =/