Tony Stark's House of Ribs|Combo, Q&A Thread

Thanks for the video Magnus! However actually cancelling your dash straight into a s.L is not why this tech is good, its because you cancel into a crouching block on the very early frames of Iron Man’s ground dash, effectively allowing you to circumvent the “no cancelling until frame 11” rule. If you can do this fast enough, you can give Iron Man a real wave dash, or at least I think you can.

i mean like a consistent dash

I’m pretty sure using the L + back method allows Iron Man to cancel his dash much earlier than normal. Whether or not it will be useful remains to be seen. Something I want to test when I get the time is doing ADD j.H, dash with back + L trick to cancel into c.M early to try and make that hit confirm more reliable. Or something like Unfly H dash + L back, c.M. We’ll see.

In the meantime try it training mode yourself and see if it seems like he’s cancelling his dash faster or if I’m just nuts.

i plink dash so does this have any relevance towards that?

You can use the trick to cancel Iron Man’s dash earlier than you’re supposed to be able to and basically enable a real wave dash with Iron Man. Dash and then hit back + L to cancel your dash early and then immediately dash again, its a weird combination of plink and wave dashing, you’ll know if you’re doing it right because of how early in the dash you’ll notice you are cancelling it.

This might be able to help.

Any point Iron man

The back +L doesn’t make your dash any faster guys, I got excited over nothing. Oh well. Sorry for getting everyone excited over nothing.

I hate you, it’s like that awfull day when i realized Santa Claus wasn’t real! (oops sry if some people here didn’t know!)
Back to Upback then.

However it seems you can cancel your forward dash with a back dash and then cancel that into an attack.

Bloodabeast is going to make a video showing how its done. It does let you cancel your dash SLIGHTLY faster but whether its fast enough to make a difference remains to be seen.

Going to be uploading it this evening!

hey guys just picking up ironman and trying to consistently get KK Combo (I can only do it about 40% right now…), but I keep messing up on the fly - j. m - j. m - j.h - unfly - j.h. Sometimes I get S, but most of the time I just don’t get anything (the sound for the J.h comes up but it doesn’t actually connect, as if i’m doing it to low to the ground). Am I doing it to slow after the unfly, or should i speed up the j.m - j.m -j.h ? Damn this character is hard to play LOL. Any help appreciated, thanks! :smiley:


I talked to Alukard and he confirmed it doesn’t let you cancel any faster than just doing a wave dash. Sorry to get everyone excited over nothing. Oh well never hurts to try shit.

I started working nights so when I’m off I’m still on the same sleep schedule. Apparently no one plays this game at 5:00 in the morning. This is what I did instead.

Yes I know these are day 0 combos, but for anyone that’s just picking up the character, that’s where they start. I figure some explanation of IMs most basic combos is a good launching point.

out of these characters, who provides Iron Man with the best assist:

Dante (Jam Session)
Doom (Missiles)
Strider (Vajra)

Also, why?

Prob a tie between missiles and Jam Session. Both give him conversions and combo extensions. Million Dollars is a better DHC than Sphere flame outside of the corner tho

It really comes down to whether you want to play Doom or Dante IMO.

Vajra is decent but it’s a bitch to get a combo out of it, Legion is ass too so you won’t be killing unless you use a level 3.

what about outside of combo extensions? which assist helps the most in the neutral? thats what im most interested in

In order of assist usefulness for Iron Man (imo)

  1. Hidden Missiles
  2. Jam Session
  3. Vajara

Hidden Missiles has been a proven effective assist for Iron Man, its probably his best assist overall. I dunno if Vajara does anything for Iron Man. You might be able to convert off it but its not like Iron Man has any problems anti-airing, its the one thing he actually does well. You should just use Missiles.

For when you hit a c.M from max-ish range,