Too high % of bad rep in XBL -- Anyone else noticed?

Hey guys.

The other day I checked the “View Rep” tab in my XBL profile. There you can see the amount of opponents that preferred you or did not send a review, and the percentage of people who avoided you along with a listing of all the reasons given for the bad reviews.

Well I was astonished to discover that 73% of the people I played avoided me. 73%!! :wow: The most reported complain was “aggressive game behaviour” (duh), but the percentage of bad reviews was so high that I still felt somewhat depressed.

I only play as Vega and only last week did I get to G1. My winning rate is a little over 50% so not a particularly frustrating opponent… Not that I get much hatemail either.

So what do you guys think? Does somebody else experience this as Vega? Annoying character? Flawed XBL statistics? It’s weird, because if it was a common problem, one would expect more threads commenting the same thing, but I couldn’t find much around :confused:

Wear it like a badge of honor.

People have been doing this since day 1.

In short: People hate losing, and anonymous bitching is a quick way for them to justify it to themselves while blaming others for their own incompetence.

Mine was around 75% when I quit around top 800, G1-D. It started going down when I hit G1 though, was 80% at one point.

Hah, what’s worse is when ragequitters neg rep you as a rage quitter after they ragequit.
:coffee: So much for an effective rep system

It actually DOESN’T include people who you play but don’t leave rep. It’s the actual percentage of people that positive you vs the percentage that neg you. I believe it was said in a Major Nelson podcast a year or two ago. It says that it counts people that don’t leave rep at all in the positive, but it’s been proven that it simply isn’t true.

ps3 ;/

Jajaja. I have 100% avoidance. Though its probably for the same reason that people said.

dont like it. When you beat ppl you get bad rep. You lose you get bad rep. Its a lose lose in my book. I used to get bad rep with a skill is too high rep in halo 3

I have a 65% avoidance. Most of it comes from playing Claw in HDR when it came out, and getting disconnected every 4th or 5th game because of the glitch. Racked up a quit early percentage pretty fast.

Words to live by friend

Seriously if you are indeed pissing people off with your Vega, then you must be doing something right with him ^^

Keep it up!

what’s even more hilarious is when you get a fucking 8 year old bitching about how you’re “swearing” when you say “suck”. Happened to me countless times, and I racked up a nice percentage for “Foul Language”.

Like they said, wear it like a badge of honor. :rock:

So I guess it’s pretty clear that the XBL rep system doesn’t take into account the people who did NOT send a review.

Case closed.

I didn’t know about this, 54% avoidance, 14% for language and 42% for “unsporting behaviour”

I do not understand either of these. I don’t mind swearing, and I’ll only do it if the other person swears. And “Unsporting Behaviour”? Do they mean “Winning”?

anybody here Raptures Reaver or something like that?

haha, ima go home and check my rep now, im curious.

but hey, don’t sweat it.
ppl prolly just “avoid this player” so they can only play noobs, or lesser skilled players for easy wins


It still is kinda sad though that so many people go out of their way to Neg Rep you, guess it makes them feel better despite it making no difference whatsoever

I have a 60% avoidance…people must really hate Vega.

I have high neg rep, almost entirely in Quit Early and Unsporting.
Quit Early I blame entirely on HDR Vega desynch issues.
When going for the 100 ranked wins achievement, I played 40 games, and won all but 2. I remeber 3 obvious desynchs. According to my score, I only actually won 13 games…
Unsporting I find amusing - I’m playing the worst character, I consider that very sporting!

You think that’s bad? I don’t use a mic, I rarely message people and I have about a 30% disapproval rating for communication.