Too late to buy a xbox 360 for SSF4:AE?


Just dual modded my Arcade stick and was wondering if there are still alot of street fighter players on xbox live. Currently playing on ps3. I’m interested In buying the 360 for it, but is it still worth it? I already bought the game for only $20. Is it easy to find matches still? or has people moved on to other games?


You could ask this on the SF4 section, you know


Buying a console for a single game sounds like a waste of money IMO…


XBL still has a lot of competition. But why would you buy another console just to play a game you already have, against another pool of players? It’s probably better for you just to stick to PSN, and use your dual-modded stick to play on xbox at offline events or something.


There’s more competition on XBL and connections are generally better, but it’s not free like PSN.
It depends on how much you value online play.
If you’re mostly an offline player, I’d suggest saving your money.


Wait for SFV.

If we’re not dead because of Raz0r 2012.


Thats just how much I enjoy the game. I know the online play is better And There’s less input lag. If ican pick up a used Console for cheap it many be worth it. All i play Is online. Ok so there still competition on live… will look for a used system.


Play it on the PC, it’s so much easier (faster menues, loading times, better graphics and no xbl cost).

You don’t even need a strong computer for it


same thing i did …i have this game for PC,PS3 and i also bought a xbox and an 360 vrsion of the game and a dualmoded qanba stick just so that i could play the game on a superior platform (although pc rox) … if you love the game its not too late … most ppl comeback to SF after trying other games (like SFxT,soulcalibur,skullgirls,persona etc.etc.) and new players are joining everyday …
so noo you are doing the right thing


Almost every day still playing SSIV:AE online on xbox360. I also have a ps3 and you will notice once you have a xbox360 how much better online exaly is. Less laggy more players and most important off all party chat. The last one is something psn realy lacks. I keep my ps3 for uncharted and other cool exclusives but for online xbox360 is king. ANyway the 360 is realy cheap if you look for a used one so no id say for a change it aint a waste of your money if you can get one under 100$. Hope i helped.


I originally bought my xbox for vanilla sf4, and I played only that until ssf4 released. It helps that I’m not really a “gamer”, I mostly only play fighting games.

To OP: it’s definitely worth it. Pound for pound competition is much better on xbl from my experience.


If you are going to do that, buy second hand