Too late?

I’ve always played fighting games since I was younger. I mean I’m not a button masher, I can use the basic tactics. I’ve never played on a competitive level or do I play anywhere that level. I’m 20 yrs old now do you guys think its too late for me to raise my level of play to not get raped at every ranbat or competition?


I’m 30 now. Until past fall, I wasn’t good. Okay, I thought I was okay, then people on GGPO showed me that I don’t even understand basic ST Ryu. Don’t jump so much!! I also never really played on stick until then.
I’m currently working on my FADCing in SFIV for now, by FAR the most techincal thing I’ve ever learned. I’m making progress, so I won’t complain, will also help me plenty in the future for about all cancels there are. Ah, and my mindgames still suck.

So hop in, there’s still a lot of time. Oh, and occasionally play real people, not only online, that will increase motivation a LOT. At least it did for me :china:

Thanks thats pretty much what I’m expecting to get destroyed but I’m sure it’ll help lol.

It’s never too late! :smile:

It’s never too late. Unless you’re busy 24/7, you can always learn.

Hit up training mode, get the execution down for your characters and learn moves/combo/situation (vs air vs x distance etc)/range/priority/all that stuff.

Fight other players and learn patience, zoning/space control, and how to stay in control of the match.

A lot of people neglect blocking, learn to block well and don’t focus on creating setups to throw too much, or to better rephrase, throw when it’s the right time.

A good example is Kurado’s Hugo. Perfect basics imo. It’s easiest to find his Q vids though.