Too many adverts on Evo stream this year. Annoying

We’re getting adverts after almost every match here. In previous years I liked hearing the commentators reflect on the match they just saw but now it’s just: match --> “we’re going to an advert” --> Somalian man telling me to send money to Somalia (fair enough but gets annoying after the 5th time). Rinse and repeat.

You guys should have streamed with someone else because I’m sick of this bullshit. Firefox ad-block blocks the adverts but that doesn’t help because you guys have got in bed with Ustream and agreed to stop the stream while the adverts are supposed to play.

I actually never see the advertisements. I am using FireFox.

Funny, I get a bunch of household advertisements in Spanish. Maybe the stream knows I’m Mexican or something.

Well, you’re not paying a penny for this high quality footage, nor did you help do *anything *to promote, organise, set up or maintain the event which has easily taken a good thousand man hours since last year to prepare for.

So how about you shut the fuck up, and be grateful for the fantastic product you’re enjoying for free, k?


Kiss my ass. The point is that it’s not a ‘fantastic product’ when you’ve got adverts every 4 minutes and the commentators whoring Mad Catz bookbags the rest of the time. Yeah I didn’t pay anything for it, but this is a message board where people express their opinions and this is my opinion.

What happened to doing it for the love of the game/scene?

It’s all part of the process. It requires popular games to bring lots of players. Lots of players attracts better sponsers. Better sponsers and more entrants mean there’s more money and bigger rewards for playing and winning. These things all need to come to improve the scene.

There needs to be large funds used for venue rental, web design, streaming equipment, man hours in organising and helping out, all the work required to attract newer and bigger investors and so on. Would you rather they used all of their funds this year, had little way of making it back, and Evo was in a shit-hole next year with a max of 200 people? Would that be for the love of the game/scene?

The stream is free and you’re complaining about advertisements? :rofl: Get out of here.

I swear it’s like the entire portion of the internet that self diagnosed themselves with aspergers are the bulk of stream monsters.

I see where you’re coming from, but your’s is a straw man argument.

Having fewer advertisements does not mean that next years Evo will be in a “shit-hole… with a max of 200 people”. That’s just nonsense. First of all, for all either of us knows the extra revenue might just all be profits for the organisers. Secondly, you are using the simple logic of: advertisements = money, therefore more advertisements = more money. Advertisements can turn people off too. They can lead to fewer viewers, which leads to smaller advertising revenues in the medium to long term. This is why there are no advert breaks in the middle of films.

Also, what makes you think that bigger pots, more sponsorships and more mainstream exposure is a good thing? Evo will never be mainstream and it will never be a big money spinner. Fighting games are a niche, very nerdy subculture. That’s it. People should just accept that and do it for the fun of it. And what I’m saying is that getting bombarded with adverts all the time takes some of the fun out of it.

As it happens the rate of adverts on the stream seems to have calmed down, but do you see the points I’m making?

I do.

I was being extreme but it was to illustrate the idea I was putting over. Lots of sporting events have regular adverts though. The ads in this case are in-between matches and aren’t causing anyone to miss things, so by no means are they over the top IMO, nor do I think the Evo heads would increase the ads to a point where people would be put off. (In fact I’ve been writing these in between matches while the ads were on anyway.)

As for the second part of your post, each and every large event for anything started off much smaller. Who thought millions of people would ever watch darts? Or pool? Or poker? Or cricket? E-sports are huge business in asia, it’s just going to take time to get closer to their situation with it in western cultures.

I’m more annoyed by the idiotic Ustream chatters than I am the advertising (which is a necessary evil).

yeah advertising is getting fucking ridiculous in all the fighting game stuff. between the commercials they tell you about twitter and facebook and promo codes…

but as usual you’ll just get insulted if you say something. gootecks & mike ross need youtube ad + headphone ad + madcatz promo to be able to produce videos of them playing street fighter online you know.

maybe watch tv? oh … riiiight.

You mad that you don’t have a good opportunity like that to make money on the side?

Edit: Cause I sure as hell am.

how the fuck do I get stream chat to work? There is this social chat bullshit which only has people spamming some shit like “hey check out evo2k on twitter”. When I click on normal chat it just goes blank… All i want to do is stream monster right now in chat…

It’s absolutely ridiculous. Commercials after every single match? And then you have the constant TV-shop moments with “Oh have you ever seen a bag this nice” bs.

Maybe it’s an American thing and people over there are used to watching the same ad over and over again but for me the quality has dropped significantly from last year.

i dont mind, i honestly expected this. the stream chat is godawful though, id rather ignore the twitter bs

Anyone know where or how can I watch the stream in like a lower quality or something? because my connection is shit right now and the streams lags a lot, so lower quality would be perfect, thats why I like better than Ustream

The quality of the matches themselves has risen. We’ve seen quite a few good players.
And the fact of having 2 streams helps a lot in covering more games (I’m really looking forward to BBCS2 tomorrow), so that’s a plus.
What I don’t like is the fact that they used ustream, thus forcing them to do a third low quality stream, being that ustream doesn’t have the option to make lower quality stream on the user side. It also has problems with the video popup, which is pretty annoying.
And, obviously, the advertising, which is getting pretty ridiculous. I agree that advertising is needed, but this is getting quite a little out of hand. We’re having FAR too much advertising, on matches (sponsors logos everywhere), still frames advertising, spots and even the people talking advertising shit.
And this is getting out of hand. I haven’t seen so much advertising since a lot of time.

I don’t see these ads you’re talking about…