Too many fat girls

Edited; Youse all dumb.



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leaves thread

Painfully obvious troll is painfully obvious.

Where’s our resident BBW lovers here? Not that I’m saying they should feed a troll but some love that extra mass.

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Fat girls are awesome. You are a dork. Where you at?

I like big women. Gimme dat mac n’ cheese

in b4 this thread gets locked.

Izlude, keep your love for excessively large women in your porn collection. I remember when you posted those pics on Cyberfanatix of women with guts so damn big you can football on them. No one wanted to see that.

LOL Worm ain’t gonna lock this thread. You’d be STOOPID to lock this thread before the comedy gold starts a’rollin in. :rofl:

Inb4 more cushion for the pushin

Sure you can! I’d love some pound cake!

Dem bots

Hell hath no fury, like a fat bitch scorned… Poor makoto…

so then this must be what happens when Vryu plays her in 4 and Boss plays her in 3s

Maybe instead of just infracting the spammer, SRK mods could also remove or change the link in the post. Infractions don’t do anything to spammers, but stuffing their attempt to link outside the site does.

They could even edit the link so that it directs to an SRK sponsor site, in case they’re in a dick-sucky mood.

Yeah that look about accurate.

Holy shit how the hell were so many of you stupid enough to reply to a bot threads? You know I can infract the entire lot of you for that shit right?