Too many fighters?

I was wondering if to many fighting games are being released. Fighting games VERY long lifespans if they’re good, and many mechanics to learn. This year alone we got mahvel 3, mk 9, ssf4 AE, 3s OE, Blazeblue and in the next couple of months were gonna get ssf4 2012, Kof, skullgirls, Ultimate Mahvel, another update for blaze blue, Sf alpha 3, sf x tekken, tekken tag tourney 2 and Virtua fighter 5 (FINALLY). Is the FG market gonna get oversaturated and hurt the genre altogether? What do people think?

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Well I know from the amount of fgs being released some aren’t going to do as good as they should due to a high volume of competition. This statement is mainly my concern for Skullgirls’ success. Things will probably slow down in 2013.

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About every 3-4 months ever since SF4 came out.

EDIT: I’m not trying to sound like someone whose been here forever. It’s just something I’ve noticed.

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After those 2012 fighters release, I think things will cool down and it’ll just be patches, DLC updates or old games rereleased as digital releases.

Too many “too many fighters” threads

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The problem is the constant updating and tinkering, not the number of games. The cream will always rise to the top, and the bad games will be washed away quickly and quietly (ie. King of Fighters XII).

These are all fairly different kinds of fighters. How many footsie based new fighters are currently released or on the horizon? SF4 has a pretty deadly footsie-killing mechanic but I guess it’s still Street Fighter. 3S has it’s own weird “stand outside normal range and bob up and down/back and forth” shit that happens once in a while, but a simple game like ST or Alpha 2 or even CvS2 doesn’t exist amongst recent entries. Whereas earlier in the genre’s life you’d have tons of similar stuff, Fighter’s History and Karnov’s Revenge spring to mind specifically. You had a ton of 3D fighters too, even if they were shit or mediocre (Bloody Roar, Toshinden etc.). How many games can you say there are that play like Guilty Gear (BlazBlue honestly doesn’t) etc. etc.?

Just because we’re getting a lot of sequels to some established series doesn’t mean we’re getting too many fighting games. Plus this thread has been done to death and usually goes nowhere.

“Holy shit a fighting game got released this year AND next year. wtftoomanyfighters”

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I was genuinely curious about this topic. I didnt realize there were already discussions about it. If only there was a way to delete worthless threads like this one…But I can dream can’t i.

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I sometimes worry about the saturated market causing gamers to somehow become, “sick of fighters”, and we’ll enter into another long period where such titles aren’t focused on anymore by developers.

Kinda like the way fighters were crazy popular in the 90’s but then 2000’s hit, and…nothing. Many SRKers firmly belived there would never be an MVC3 or SFIV.

As if fighting games had gone the way of those old-school lightgun shooters, and the gaming world no longer cared for them. However this is a pretty different era from back then too, and i think their newfound popularity despite this “casual gaming” age of FPS shooters, shows that fighters will continue to have a spot regardless.

We really aren’t at that point of the 90s though. When we start to see fighting games be attached to every imaginable IP, then we’ll be in the 90s again.