Too Many Fighters?


Having a headache at the moment. Firstly, I am not new to fighting games, I am definitely above average on them but I think maybe I can get even better by concentrating on a few rather than so many. Just to put it into perspective a little, I dont only play fighters, I also play Fifa and COD as well as some other games here and there.

I currently have 8 fighters plus will be getting another in April but seriously need to cut some down.

Firstly, 3rd Strike, HD Turbo and Virtua Fighter will remain. Out of these I only play 3rd Strike to be honest with a mate (not online much) but I may aswell keep these as I have downloaded them and can’t get any money from getting rid of these.

That leaves TTT2, SSF4AE, SFxT, UMvC3, MK and soon will be getting Injustice.

TTT2: Will definitely keep this. It’s the game I’m the best at. Only play Hwoarang and Lee, my win ratio online is rally good and I enjoy it the most. TTT2 is one of my favourite games and Tekken is the reason I got “in to” fighting games.

SSF4AE: Might get rid although the game is not worth a lot of money. I’m ok at it, win ratio is pretty much 50/50. I enjoyed it a lot when I first had it but has gone kinda stale for me now.

SFxT: Don’t REALLY wanna get rid of this as I bought it and bought the DLC pack which will be wasted if I get rid of it. I do quite enjoy it, I’m slightly better at this than SSF4AE and enjoy playing the Tekken characters…

UMvC3: Love the characters (Ghost Rider, Strider, Akuma, Deadpool, Hulk etc) and love watching it on YouTube but I seem to get owned at this game constantly. I get hit once and might as well put down the controller. Playing this game makes me feel like a complete noob. I might get rid of this, which is a shame because I love the characters and the look of the game :frowning:

MK: I quite enjoy this, especially since buying Kenshi. I am better at this than SFxT but I think a lot of the players I come across online are scrubs, it’s kind of weird because I get bored beating the scrubs as it’s too easy but then when I come up against someone that seems quite good, I pretty much get owned…

Injustice: Really looking forward to play with Batman and Deathstroke. I think this will be my second favourite behind TTT2 unless something goes wrong horribly with the game.

So the question is: How many fighting games should I play? I am not entering tournaments or anything but want to be at least on a good level at all the fighters I play (minus of course HD Turbo, 3rd Strike and VF as I dont practice on those). Maybe I should stick to TTT2 and have SFxT and Injustice as back ups for when I get bored? I am so indecisive. Someone please help a brother :slight_smile: thanks


Continue playing the ones you enjoy the most…take a break from the ones you enjoy the least.


Keep the ones you have fun playing. Don’t bother with the ones you don’t. Don’t worry about win-ratios or how much you’ll get.

Just play what you enjoy.


What’s your question? What games should you play? Figure that out for yourself man.

Honestly you should see if you have a local scene in the regional matchmaking threads in SRK (you probably do have one that you don’t know about). It’s more fun to play offline.


I laughed when I saw the MK post… isent that the case with all games? Your basically complaining that you can’t beat good people…
You can tell you like those a lot
Just say in your head " everything else is just a side game."


OP- You’re in better shape than me. I just grabbed TTT2 (for $20 at BestBuy after their coupon in @Gamer!), as well as VF5:FS ($5 for XBL GOLD Members-Austin Powers pun anyone?), and Injustice is near at hand.
So Let’s look at my daunting list (I only got a 360 in Dec 2012 due to extenuating circumstances, so bear that in mind):
SFIV - Finished All Trials (Not sure if I will try for the remaining titles/icons to “100%” the game)
SSFIV:AE - Halfway through Completing All Trials, Definitely Enjoy AE
SFxT - Immensely fun. Guy is insane in this game, and there are so many possibilities and much potential for this title.
MK9 - Better than any other MK imo…
I:GAU - Looking ridiculously amazing. Must get this one, though still undecided on Statue vs Stick
TTT2 - Loved the original, and with all the team possibilities, it’s sure to be fun.
T6 - “100%” this game, though it’s the easiest to 100% imo. Still want to get all costume pieces.
MvC3/UMvC3 - MANY awesome characters and I love the aesthetic design of the game, but have yet to put any time into it…
KOF XIII - Love the sprites/animations and have played innumerous hours of KOF in the arcades.
BlazBlue: CS - Love GG, and have played this before. Definitely fun, will grab the others eventually.
P4A - Being An Animator & Character Designer, I am drawn to this game. The storyline is crazy too.
SCIV- Star Wars characters. Nuff’ said.
SCV- Simplified controls, but still SC.
VF5:FS - I have 5 and FS, though I haven’t been that heavy on VF. I liked Evolution, and VF is classic.
DOA5 - More for fun than anything serious.
MK Arcade - Klassic
SF3: 3SO - Played a TON of this in the arcade, as well as on Original XBL. Still one of my favorites.
SSF2T HDR - Dropped unfathomable amounts of quarters into this machine, love the new sprites.

I collect FGs, as well as Arcade sticks. My interest in Tournaments will probably be in AE, SFxT and MK9/Injustice, but I could find that I enjoy some of the other titles once I put more time into them (should I have time to do so).
OP, you have an easier list to cull, imo. I do concur that there are too many GOOD fighters on the market, which isn’t a complaint, it’s just a “mind-scrambler” (movie quote) in terms of picking only one (if that’s possible)…


play as many as you like.
as long as there are people interested to play with you, there shouldnt be any proble,

though currently I hardly play FG. Just some minutes practice for muscle memory’s sake. I am delved into Sonic Racing Transformed.
Since you play FIFA you’ll understand what I mean:
better lose 5-0 yet allow some good and open game, rather than hide behind brick walls of defense,lowering the game quality and make a boring match, waiting for the only chance you’ll get to score 1-0.
thats what happens with football and FG as well unfortunately.


These are pretty much the only 3 I still play, and the first two don’t even work properly and are full of idiot trolls trying to cheat or just really lame the game down. Statement of truth collated over 3 years+ of play. No refunds on some of these dead dlc-only games is a hideous harbinger of how next-gen could play out.

DOA5 looked nice, but I’m still waiting for it to hit like rock-bottom price. Vampire Savior I may get whenever it comes out, just hope the net-code is good!


Please don’t tell me you are one of the people that sends hate mail when someone zones you out and you can’t get a chance to use your fancy combos :wink:


Thanks for all the responses. I have decided to keep TTT2, SFxT, UMvC3 and will be getting Injustice. I will trade in SSF4AE and MK so that leaves me with 4 games with totally different engines.