Too many Grade points? How do I dump some?

I play alot… I have 1500 grade points. The thing is I am not that good I just play a lot, so subsequently I have lost like my last 10 games bcause I keep having to play people way too good for me and, the enjoyment is kinda going… constantly losses will do that

how can I f off my grade points so I can have fun? Or should I just quit championship mode and go back to battle points?

Lota lag and less people it seems in championship mode not a fan so far.

Just stick with it the best way to up your game is to play against people better then you. Its all practice.

lose one game to me and you’ll have a negative netshift

i’m at zero points

You could just make another PSN username.

just going to stick at it, turns out there is some players as horrible as me around 2000 as well