Too many grapplers?


A large number of the cast in SF5 seem to have command grabs, or at the very least strike grabs. I personally don’t like it since I feel it would make people too scared to go in and then making the game feel slow. What do you guys think?


With the exception of Zangief, command grabs in this game are not a defensive tool to get people off you, they’re too slow for that. It shouldn’t have any effect on people wanting to go in or not. Maybe R Mika as well, not sure on the speed diff between Gief’s and Mikas.

If I’m playing Necalli or something though, I’m not going to be command grabbing you in the middle of your block strings or anything like that. Maybe with the ex one in certain strings I suppose, but for the most part this isn’t like sf4 where you can just churn it out.


No. The opposite. Bring more grapplers, and more blood wine.

The shotos and zoners will die, tonight.




SFV command grabs are still worse than the normal throws that everyone had in ST.


I don’t mind this at all. Reminds me of KOF…


I wouldnt mind more rekka characters. Grapplers you just need to control space from them and keep them out of range.


That’s not saying much though. ST dhalsim probably has a fair shot of throwing sf4 zangief out of an spd. =P


Yes, too many grapplers indeed. I was expecting Alex instead of Zangief, but now that the latter is in, putting the former would be overkill. There are too many grapplers/characters who have command grabs as it is.


There is Gief, Mika, Birdie (hybrid) and Laura (hybrid).

1/4 of the final roster, I don’t see it as a problem … The lack of zoners, on the other side … (but does zoner archetype work with SFV game design ?)


We need Hugo now.

It will be a 7-1 matchup vs Laura…

sry guys. =P


As someone who mainly plays grapplers and power characters the roster having three grapplers is beyond awesome. I want more.


This game needs Yang. he’d fit in well with a command grab


I get the joke. E for effort.


If zoners worked in a game with focus and multiple projectile invincible/low profile moves they will do even better in V if done the right way. First limb character to get in will really take advantage of the white chip mechanism


I think the amount of people with command grabs is fine. I do agree I would like 2 see more zoners tho


They just added the first 3S grappler…

…in the background lulz


There aren’t too many grapplers, just not enough everything else.


so much this


You can never have too many grapplers.

Rather have that , than most Netherealm/Midway Games (Until recently) where everyone had a projectile of some sort and nobody really felt like a grappler (Until Injustice and MKX) …

In DarkStalkers Game everybody has a command grab (Except Anarkaris who has a long range command grab instead ) and it doesn’t really change anything. If anything , might it even balance the game more , since some consider Vampire Saviour to be one of the better balanced fighting games ?

Anyway , ironically I am sad Karin lost her command grab … but I will overlook it since we will two female grapplers types at launch anyway.