Too Many Input Shortcuts


It’s obnoxious how many input shortcuts are in this game. Do we really need a quartercircle input shortcut? (df, d, db = qcb) Do we really need a meter burn shortcut? I’m practicing NIghtwing, and if I speed dial my f213df2 B&B I get a f21 burn cancel instead of the combo, because although I hit the 3 2 1 all seperately, the window is wide enough to register them together…and we all know what a QCF + MB(ie 1+2+3) is right…? Cancels into burn cancel uuugh… . Pretty frustrating stuff when one of your best combos is rife with shortcuts and can go awry when you’re putting it in 100% correctly.


Are you using negative edge? I haven’t run into this issue at all, which is why I’m asking.


Sounds like the negative edge is screwing with your inputs. Turn off release check on the button config to remove the negative edge


I have turned off “release check” already and it made no difference. That was my first thought too. The input window for simultaneous button presses is wide enough that I’m hitting it when I’m pressing them separately, but quickly (input display is listing individual presses). I could be wrong but I can’t explain it any other way. I just don’t see why a 1+2+3 button shortcut for MB was necessary…

Side note: Why did they call it release check instead of calling it negative edge like it’s been forever?

These really are the only complaints I can make about an otherwise pretty remarkable game that I’m having a ton of fun with.


I haven’t had any issues like this since turning off negative edge.


You know, something does feel off about the quarter and half circle commands. I mean, I can buffer hp. Kikoken to SA2 with Chun in 3rd Strike and fly cancel Soul Fists in UMvC3 but for some reason, I have trouble pulling of stuff here.


catwoman has a real problem with this

for my bnb, i will end it 112 QCF 1, but sometimes i’ll get HCF 1, i don’t know why, it’s really annoying

also…fuck those QCBF moves…it’s such a stupidly hard motion to do that it doesn’t work


Why in the world are you guys using the SF inputs? The default controls accept qc motions for df, db, etc. moves, all the alternate setting really does is change bf motions into hcf, and dbf into something ridiculous.


I can’t seem to make inputs work at all without SF controls, but then I think it’s just that I’m used to it.


the MK inputs are inconsistent with QCF and QCB inputs, as in, they won’t register them all the time

and with SF inputs, you can make the motions slower and still get the move out, unlike with MK inputs (unless that’s just a mental thing)


SF inputs is more consistent for me. It also feels more natural


The one thing I don’t like about BOTH schemes is that you can’t do hcfs from crouch, something you could do in other 2d FGs for the longest time now.

On a related note, I don’t find qcbf motions to be awkward. But that’s mostly because that was the “Kamehameha” command in the old SNES DBZ games.


Ditto. I can get Raven to do singularity and soul crush on its own, but try to get it in a combo? Nope. I’m not just talking online either. The buffering is really off it seems with this one.


Wait you can’t do them out of a crouch at all? As in it’s not possible or just weird timing? That might explain why my Lex misses so many punish opportunities; I figured it was just that I didn’t use him enough and was messing up.


I’ve been playing with default controls and using qc motions for all 2 direction moves since the demo till now, and I’ve had no issues. I don’t get where you guys are coming from.

For the second part, I’m not sure what you mean, since you can input specials pretty damn slow with MK controls at neutral, and in a string as a special cancel, your input time is going to be cutoff at the same point regardless.

For SF controls I dunno, but in default controls you can do this fine. Just go from holding d, to b, to f without hitting diagonals. Keep in mind you can block low in this game with just d, you don’t need to db.


Yeah just tested it and you can definitely do HCFs from crouch. I’m just messing up most of the time since I don’t use HCF characters much.


My friend was playing with release check off and it still sometimes accepted neg edge inputs. That feature seems to be a little buggy.


Wait, by from crouch, do you mean :db::qcf:? Because I don’t recall being able to do that at all.


I was playing with Cyborg on SF command set and it is hilarious how slowly you can input d, d/b, u/b and still get zipline to come out. You can definitely say “down, downback, upback” faster than you need to input it. Comedy gold.


I mean doing :hcf: during a crouch animation before you get up.