Too Many Sociopaths


Im actually happier in politics than the fgc as a whole! And trust me, Ive met plenty of sociopaths around my age and older in politics. Thats how cancerous this is to me now. Not to mention just the general rule of “there can only be one winner” attracts these types or makes people have similar mentalities of feeling happy when others lose and feel bad. I went to a classic gaming convention and I beat all but one guy out of the people playing Hyper SF2, and he was in his 40’s! So, I dont have to be the best in fighting games, there is so much more to life!!! If you can beat 99% of the worlds population in a game just cause youve practiced plus actually studied tournament matches then why does it matter if youre the top of the 1%!!! Im finally loving myself and Im back in with friends I havent been around in 5 years!

Ill always love fighting games and Ill play them at tournies, but theres no point in obsessing over being better than a bunch of sociopaths who dont give a shit if you died tomorrow. Im gonna live my life and I hope others live too! Go outside, meet girls or guys, fuck people n kinky ways, make new friends, become an actual productive member of society! Im volunteering again and Ill work my way up to a job somewhere eventually. Ive actually had to defend fighting games at a county convention when a feminist who used to be my boss said “theyre all sexist assholes!” Thats what people think of the fgc people, and Ill try to change minds in politics of that. We all gotta police our own and make sure scumbags are chased out and good people stay in, too bad theres not enough good people (like UltraChenTV) who stick around to do that.

Oh! Please shut fuck up. This is GD, not FGD.


Isn’t op a woman beater?

Or was he the tranny guy? I can’t remember.

Why is FG bullshit invading GD? What did angelpalm do to make us deserve this?

Its about the FGC, not a game itself, I assumed this meant it should be here, mods can of course move this thread where ever. :slight_smile: Dont wanna piss any mods off, I just felt this should be here from my interpretation of the rules.

sucka been drinking too much over the counter cough syrup again

Havent drank it since sunday night, I think Ill need it every 4-7 days maybe. Now I just have so much confidence and self love to not give a shit whoever, even my mom tonight, thinks of me.

I didnt even grope her, reread that thread bro XD

What tranny guy? link to thread? Usually I just go to FGD when I come here.

You might love yourself but nobody here loves you.

I think we should ban every user with an Iori avatar since they keep making emo threads.

The one where you took your mom’s EBT card, without her permission

to buy fatboi soda and cough syrup, and pig out and be a disgusting slob.

The ‘message to all people at all arcades, stay away from this drama queen.’

Wrong forum then. FGD =/= GD. Different forums.

Don’t make the same mistake again.

Man I’ve been telling you your threads are bad for 3 years.

And you have had many of them locked.

“Fuck ChrisG” kinda ones that deserved it.

Go to bed.


Fucking @NickRocks “There should be blood splatter on the screen COD style so you know how hurt you are.”

All games should be like tiddy fighters and the more hurt you are the more your clothes tear off just like @affinity’s favorite game God Skeeter: Peach Butt Splash edition featuring Sakura Kusanago in live chat!!!

Nigga is this you?

@Vynce pls take your alternative lifestyle somewhere else.

I should sticky this.

Of course there is.
The FGC in any country is made up of poor people, autists, and trannies.
And they are all sociopaths on top of that.

But this isn’t news unless you’re an 09er.

On a more serious note, I have never been part of a community that actively encouraged helping each other out. I stuck around through being shit at fighting games because at least this place gives a damn and lends a hand. Other hobbies are kind of shit compared to this place. Hell, many communities are just fucking awful compared to this one. A lot of them are because they “pretend” they are a community. They try to care. Sure, people here call each other names. But when push comes to shove, these people are first in line to help out in a lot of great fucking ways.

“There can only be one winner attracts” it sure as fuck doesn’t. The only thing the game and the community does is remind you that your losses and your wins are entirely on your hands. something happened in the game? Why did you let it happen. Problem is that this carries out to life too and this place will tell you especially when you don’t want to hear it. Sure there are some bad breaks. There’s been a lot of really bad breaks. There’s three stickies in GD dedicated to how bad breaks can be (oh that’s right though, we’re all unhelpful sociopaths though). Its not our fault that you made bad decisions in game and in life. On the other hand, if you want to swallow big mouthful of responsability (and our collective dicks) then there will be plenty of people that will help you get through whatever bullshit you put yourself in.

Yeah, politics is somehow nicer than this. Look at the american elections this year and say the same thing,.

Sociopath, anyone who doesn’t want to share with OrochiDemon.

I bet he’s butthurt someone closed a door on him while they were smoking trees.

Here ya go.

Too many sociopaths is right, who tf posts abt the fgc in gd