Too Many Sociopaths

Jesus christ, wtf happened to GD in 3 months.

Oh yea, the feminist (and i mean that in the real sense, she does not hate men irrationally and she and i worked for a longtime friend of my mom and i’s environmental campaign, shes a very good person), was the only person there that had even heard of fighting games who was over the age of 30.

Guys, I really hope all of you find happiness, and if playing a fighting game for 8 hours a day makes you happy then keep doing it. To me though Im going back to my old life and thats where Ill do my best for the world.

Like Im even telling people there about where Ive been for 5 years and that DXM helps me and guess what: theyre all happy for me! Theyre like, cool DXM is like DMT dude, keep doing it if it helps you and youre back here helping us! Some are of course like, wtf, but theyre happy Im there banding stuff together and just helping the cause. Ive even volunteered with $50 of pot in my pocket a month back and no one said anything! In 08 at that coordinated office one day we all smelled pot or something and people were laughing and even the constables there were like “its just pot, well lose our offices if we arrest anyone for smoking it here!” XD Now one of them is the tax accessor/collector for the county XD

A sociopath does not have compassion or a conscious hardwired into them, its a scary sad thing to be born with. Scary and fun too since they love it when others are suffering. They are as evil as it comes. The one best friend I had in the fgc for a year is one too sorta.

As I grew up I knew nonpolitical people were different from political people, and I still do.

Wtf? Who is playing fgs for 8’hours a day?

Bruh FGD is GDs dumping ground. You have it mixed up.

I finally love myself and my enemies. I love everyone. DXM/DMT take it people! Go off on a journey! Persona 4 is so true, you either love and accept yourself or you die.

James Chen said during the sf4 days a few years back “theres people who play this game 12 hours aday!” or someone did. FChamp even says he can beat all of europe in marvel, Im so happy for him. He was a cool dude to be around at a tourney.

Valle one time a year ago was streaming for like 12 or 16 hours and he mde so much freakin money that day people kept sending money in! Im so happy Ive met hm, I need to play him. He really should be our hero and role model.

Correcto! There’s much crazier shit going on in the world than people playing fighting games lol.

Anyway, good luck trying to convince this crowd.

Im finally happy and at the center of where i want to be again. I have plans and goals, well see if thins work out or not.

“You don’t got no job OP”


yup, im sleeping on my moms chair. but im happpy. im working my way back up, and ill see where this goes…

Who the fuck you think you are to tell us how to get happy?

Did someone mention persona?

sage advice for you op.

The thread in question in that section

is called “Scrubquotes”

You were proud of yourself for beating people, [list][]not in a tournament; []Not real competition and are upset someone who knew how to play beat you. []Not happy to have someone to play who is better than you so you can get better. []Not glad to get someone to play the game at a higher level with you because you enjoy the game too and want sparring partners.[/list]

You only wanted to beat random people who didn’t know the game with your no practice, “I don’t even play this game” mentality with probably mashing and 1 special move remembered after 25 years, after you play 5 matches. And hold that over their heads so you can be the “winner”.

He knew more, “omg this the only game you play lol you play too much and wasted your life on this game” ragemail not said in person in his face, but here, not even on Xbox Live or Playstation, or Steam. You judged him without knowing anything about him.

You are advocating he is bad, you are good, for reasons that don’t have anything to do with eachother.

He beat someone half his age, in a game of reactions and moves even faster than 1/10th of a second.

You are an emotional homeopath, and homey don’t play that!

You just made up a reason why that guy beat you. To justify your loss, as you can see nothing about the game, the match, your moves = why you lost was said. Not how. Excuse to make yourself look good.

You who needed to learn what footsies was only 2 years ago, playing every manner of game and can’t beat Q with Chun-Li like jwong at age 16 vs. Kuroda but in fact, 7 million times worse.



Committing to never getting better than you currently are because emotional outburst, brain problems. Roundabout explain it here where nobody was there and nobody cares. Yeah, go ahead & take this to “Scrubquotes,” and then actually just skip that part and leave like you said you are.

I talked to a guy I met during the occupy 5 years ago which really made me lose all faith in humanity. Now hes offered me a job! See ya guys at tournies, Ill be sponsored by J O B. XD

You posted in the wrong sub forum, junior…

Yea he should of posted here…

Wait, is this addressed at me?

i can’t wait for OP to be fired let go from his seasonal job at wal-mart and then make a thread about how wal-mart has too many sociopaths

nah that quote got added in there from saved draft. Clarified.

Oh yeah, Sean Ashton was at the Bill Clinton event, and half of the people or even 75% of the crowd was for obama but just wanted to see Bill speak like I did (Ive met Bill 2 other times at book signings), and someone in the crowd while Sean was speaking yelled “GO BACK TO THE SHIRE!!!” And people were shocked and laughing for a solid minute and he had no idea what to say while they laughed, then he collected himself and kept going like he didnt hear it. True hero.