Too Many Sociopaths

People that don’t care about rules…just like sociopaths.


Take it easy :frowning:

So my Gilette shaving cream works well enough for when I shave my crotch and balls.:coffee:

fucking hell.

orochi-whats-his-face back at it again.

props to HAX for the ninja post with the quickness.
bless you homie.

If the blade is reasonably sharp and the water is hot enough, you don’t need the shaving cream


You know that you need to step back, sit down, shut the fuck up, and either leave or lurk more, when Weeaboo first-posts you into oblivion.

That’s like Kromo calling child services on someone.

you see OP you’ve found a rather special topic to talk about

it doesn’t belong here in GD because GD wants nothing to do with fighting games at all

it doesn’t belong in FGD either because you are really talking about any fighting game in particular

no, there’s only one place in the internet suitable for your rant

Literally an FGD thread. But since he no care, I no care.

Do you use bevel?

I don’t think you know what a sociopath is.

oh cool then

gonna go make a thread in FGD about how people at tournaments smell

You wouldn’t believe how many people believe that “Child and Family Services, Special Investigation Officer” is a thing and or that unmarked cars are to “protect the child’s identity”

Jesus christ, wtf happened to GD in 3 months.

Oh yea, the feminist (and i mean that in the real sense, she does not hate men irrationally and she and i worked for a longtime friend of my mom and i’s environmental campaign, shes a very good person), was the only person there that had even heard of fighting games who was over the age of 30.

Guys, I really hope all of you find happiness, and if playing a fighting game for 8 hours a day makes you happy then keep doing it. To me though Im going back to my old life and thats where Ill do my best for the world.

Like Im even telling people there about where Ive been for 5 years and that DXM helps me and guess what: theyre all happy for me! Theyre like, cool DXM is like DMT dude, keep doing it if it helps you and youre back here helping us! Some are of course like, wtf, but theyre happy Im there banding stuff together and just helping the cause. Ive even volunteered with $50 of pot in my pocket a month back and no one said anything! In 08 at that coordinated office one day we all smelled pot or something and people were laughing and even the constables there were like “its just pot, well lose our offices if we arrest anyone for smoking it here!” XD Now one of them is the tax accessor/collector for the county XD

A sociopath does not have compassion or a conscious hardwired into them, its a scary sad thing to be born with. Scary and fun too since they love it when others are suffering. They are as evil as it comes. The one best friend I had in the fgc for a year is one too sorta.

As I grew up I knew nonpolitical people were different from political people, and I still do.

Wtf? Who is playing fgs for 8’hours a day?

Bruh FGD is GDs dumping ground. You have it mixed up.

I finally love myself and my enemies. I love everyone. DXM/DMT take it people! Go off on a journey! Persona 4 is so true, you either love and accept yourself or you die.

James Chen said during the sf4 days a few years back “theres people who play this game 12 hours aday!” or someone did. FChamp even says he can beat all of europe in marvel, Im so happy for him. He was a cool dude to be around at a tourney.

Valle one time a year ago was streaming for like 12 or 16 hours and he mde so much freakin money that day people kept sending money in! Im so happy Ive met hm, I need to play him. He really should be our hero and role model.

Correcto! There’s much crazier shit going on in the world than people playing fighting games lol.

Anyway, good luck trying to convince this crowd.

Im finally happy and at the center of where i want to be again. I have plans and goals, well see if thins work out or not.