Too much Cammy?

I’ll be honest… I like Cammy. I think her character design is great and her background is really relevant to the Street Fighter storyline. And yeah, she’s cute too. However, maybe it’s just me, but it seems like she’s getting too much of the spotlight lately, while other characters who have strong ties with Bison are not getting much show. She’s had a good chunk of every comic for about 4 issues straight now (lots of the action scenes feature her), plus she’s been centerpiece on 4 covers now. I got cover B of the latest issue because I just had too many with her in the front cover already.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like her and I’m not posting to diss off anyone who’s enjoying Cammy’s current spotlight. It just seems to me like maybe the current story is probably too focused on her. Even the more representative characters are being balanced around, like Guile and Ken… they sort of come and go, which is allright, it keeps the story at a good pace (Ryu and Chun-Li are slightly more iconic, so it’s kind of expected they’d be there for a bit every issue). Not to mention that there are other characters whose story comes up around this time, such as the other ‘New Challengers’ and the Final Fight cast.

Anyway, it’s just my opinion. No flaming please. :pleased:

Wow, you’re REALLY not going to like the upcoming issues. 10-12 she has 2 of the 3 back up stories that I know of. Not to mention at least 2 covers. She’s pretty central to the storyline, I think. Her past includes Dee Jay, Chun-Li, Bison, Vega, Rose, all the dolls etc. Ken’s about to get more play in issue 10 and probably 11. (the issue 10 description talks about Balrog and Vega’s not done with him yet.) Not to mention Ryu meeting Dhalsim and Blanka. Fei Long is getting a lot of attention. T.Hawk, E.Honda, Zangief all really don’t seem to have a major impact on the “Shadaloo/brainwashing fighters” storyline that appears to be the focal. (along with the tourney) So, expect, for the most part, that the others are simpley gonna be cameo characters. It’d probably be too much to cram all those characters into a messy and contrived storyline. I expect it to be a lot like the movies and tv series in terms of character usage, but that’s just me. So far, I like it.

Also: You can never have too much Cammy…or Cowbell.

to be honest i dont care too much for cammy, yea she can be hawt but her whole delta red thing thats going on right now in the book doesnt really have my interest i kind of moan when i have to read through it, lets see some more fei long.

but thats just me though. i will say though i enjoy alpha cammy/killer b when she was an assasin.

I don’t really like cammy either and I’m slowly growing tired of her plots, I hope the focus starts moving onto better characters like Akuma, Sagat, Guile… even MORE RYU is always welcomed!

more ryu man i rather have cammy

now more chun-li to build her story line

Geez, don’t the creators have any intention of balancing the storyline between the characters? She’s already been in 2 back-up stories, why 2 more already…?

And you must mean the B covers, if there are going to be B covers. From what I saw, covers 10-12 are all going to be one long image that you can put together if you join all the covers together and it features all the characters. The banner-like picture can be seen in the Udon webpage, and it’s in another thread here too.

Yeah, Fei Long is getting lots of attention too, but I don’t really like how he’s portrayed very much… it’s like he’s trying to pull off some kind of street-talking/wise-fighter combination that I don’t think really suits him much. At least I didn’t imagine him like this. It’s not that bad, though I guess.

As for T.Hawk, he had his lands taken from him by Shadaloo, and that had to take place some time before the first tournaments. We should be seeing that about now. Also, I believe one of the dolls is his sister, or something like that. I don’t know if the comic will keep that.

Also, the brainwashing fighters bit isn’t unti Alpha 3, which wasn’t the first tournament… so we’re a bit far from that, at least to say that Cammy needs to be in there right now to push that part of the story… or maybe the comic will just put the first tournament and brainwashing plots as the same event.

Well, it’s not much fun having just one character taking up so much of the comic space either. Not to mention that the people in Cammy’s team aren’t really SF characters and they’re almost getting more space than Ryu and Sakura.

Well, I pretty much did…

Well, Ryu is the most representative character of Street Fighter, probably the main character, if you had to choose one. I’d say he’s supposed to be getting the most overall attention. I’m surprised at how little he seems to be getting at the moment.

Coincidentally, Ryu won just today in the first round of the Great Character Battle III in

Shrug They have a bunch more issues to go. I’ll bet once they get to the tourney you’ll get to see a lot of the other characters.

Yeah, they’re the alternate covers. 12 is with Adrian (artist from Runaways) and 11 is with Josh Middleton (NYX). 11 featuring the Cammy/Rose confrontation and 12 featuring a Delta Red mission.

It looks like they’re portraying him in the same light that they did in Street Fighter II: V the tv series.

Seems like they’re combining it. What with Dee Jay being “recruited” and all. Not to mention Charlie Nash, and Bison’s interest in getting to Ryu.

Besides, what other characters have as much involvement in the main plot besides the one’s they’re using now? (Chun-Li/Fei-Long, Cammy/Dolls/Bison, Ryu/Sakura, Ken/Eliza/Vega)

I wouldn’t mind if they had more Vega now, myself (Vega Decapre stuff would be interesting). I’m worried a bit in general about the Doll focus, not for the quality of the storyline (I love the Dolls, as you should be able to tell) so much as Udon’s sales because the Dolls probably don’t exactly have the biggest mainstream fanbase in the world, what with practically not existing in the games and all.

As it is, a lot of characters in Street Fighter never were much for being able to tie into a main plot. Although the fact that an entire third of Issue 9 was about Delta Red more than Cammy herself vs a troop that was about the Dolls more than any playable character (IE, an entire battle between nonplayable characters) was probably iffy to most Street Fighter fans (I, on the other hand, don’t really mind such things, but I’m wierd like that)

I’m not much of a Cammy fan, but I don’t mind that Cammys getting a lot of attention in the Street Fighter comics. Besides, ever since beating Super Street Fighter II with her, i’ve been interested on whats been going on between her and Bison. And the comic seems to be going along with it pretty smoothly! :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen Cammy oversaturating the comic at all. She doesn’t even really show up until Issue 7 or 8 really. All of it is moving the plot along. How is Ryu going to show whats going on in Shadowloo? Akuma and Sagat both showed up already too, so its not like they’ve been ignored. Granted I haven’t read 9 yet (gotta pick that up).

The back-up stories are meaningless, and imo they shouldn’t even be in the comic. They’re not long enough to develop anything, and I’m not a fan of throwing in different artists. I’d much rather cut out the back-up story and instead get a few more pages into the main story. My major gripe with the comic is its too damned short.

The earlier issues centered around Chun, Ryu and Sakura. They’ve all segued off a little bit now, so I’m assuming the same thing happens with Cammy.

I’m sorry, but T.Hawk is not an interesting character. I really don’t care to see him do much. I’d much rather see Bisons plans for using the dolls and other stuff that can advance the plot.

First tournament? The first tournament was the SF1 tournament, which Ryu won by turning evil for a second and basically sucker punching Sagat. Thats already done. They’re not going to do that again. I don’t think SFA2 and SFA3 are actual tournaments…they always seemed more storyline driven…like a buncha people hunting each other down to fight. As far as I know, the next ‘official’ tournament is the SFII tournament itself, and the SFA3 stuff has to happen before that (that is, the dolls).

Ryu is a pretty boring character. Honestly, there is very little he can really do. He’s like Seinfeld. He might be the main character, but only because he interacts with everyone else. Not because hes funny or interesting. Ryu is all about beating people. If we don’t set up the people he’s beating, we’d get a pretty boring story. That’s why they’re doing the setup now. Obviously Ryu is going to win the tournament.

I heard Issue 9 has cr forward—>hadouken. I can’t wait to see that.

You do know that Ryu didn’t win any tournaments past the first right?

Eeeeh…Ryu is as good a choice as any for winning the SFII tourney. Its either him, Guile or Chun-li, with Guile probably being the most likely and Ryu being the second most likely, following closely. Ergo, it is quite a leap to preclude Ryu from winning any tournaments past the first.

I lean towards Ryu winning, as I think COJ intended him to be the true main character of the game. Guile doesn’t even show up in SF3, so it doesn’t make as much sense to give him the win. Maybe Chun could have won it, but her ending doesn’t require her winning (in SF2). As I said in the previous post, I don’t think A2 or A3 counted as official tournies, so afaik its just SF, SFII and SFIII, with 3s being the official tournament for the III series. Storyline wise, I forget who wins it, but I know Ryu loses to Oro so he can’t have won.

I seriously doubt that anyone won SFII other than Ryu. With Ryu being the central character of the Street Fighter franchise (aside from SFIII), it just wouldn’t make sense for anyone other than him to win.

Ryu’s the prime SF icon, but it doesn’t make him pivotal to every story there is. Same deal with Kyo in KOF and how he’s not central to the NESTS saga.

SF3 is so distant from all the other games that it plays like a whole other series entirely, so naturally it doesn’t affect Guile or his standing as a main character. Guile’s the only character in SF2 with an official ending that requires him to beat Bison to happen anyway. Ryu doesn’t need to win if he’s just going to walk off into the sunset again.

BTW, the third World Warrior tournament happens in Second Impact, not Third Strike.

Well, maybe that’s just it. Maybe the Shadoloo story is getting too much attention. I realize it’s the big thing behind the tournament, but it’s not the ONLY thing going on, and more important than that is the inclusion of the characters. There are other things going on right during this time, like T.Hawk’s story and some of the Final Fight events.

The back up stories are interesting and they show important events that people who aren’t big Street Fighter fans would like to see. If they were meaningless, the characters within that same comic wouldn’t be referring to them, and that’s been the case with all but one or two. They’re not supposed to develop anything, they’re there to show something that happened and that the reader should be aware of.

Well, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t like him, this post isn’t really based on what characters you like. And the comic should reflect the fact that Street Fighter is about a big cast of characters, not just a few. If the creators are trying to make the comic with a sense of balance in the story, they’ll try to include all the characters and show their relevance within the story as well as their relationship to other characters.

Again, I’d say this is your opinion. Maybe you find him boring, but there certainly is plenty Ryu can do. He’s probably the easiest and most realistic way to get to introduce lots of the characters and show important event. Because he’s a travelling warrior, he doesn’t require that much setting up. He’s also got the evil power issue going on, which maybe should be coming into play a bit more right now. And now Sakura’s with him, which I think was a good idea… so you develop Sakura, her relationship with Ryu, and Ryu himself.

Look at Cammy with Delta Red now… they’re going to Brazil to look at Shadaloo movement going on there. When did that happen? It’s certainly more obvious that they’re stretching the plot with that, more so than with Ryu’s travelling.

It does. It’s pretty wild.

I didn’t really imagine Adon to be that obsessive and arrogant… well, I knew he was arrogant. He was almost delirious in the back story with Sagat, though.

The cannon has slight evidence that seems to say that Chun-Li was the one to defeat Bison. That doesn’t mean it won’t be Ryu to defeat him in the comics.

Also, the fact that Ryu is the most representative character of Street Fighter doesn’t mean he’s won every tournament, or even that he SHOULD be winning story-wise. I’m kind of proud of Capcom for doing that. Alot of japanese series have ‘main character syndrome’, where the main character always wins, does everything important and supporting chararacters all rotate around him. Street Fighter isn’t like that. It isn’t even afraid to put aside previously important characters, like Guile in Street Fighter III.

I think that it is a good decision that Udon are focusing on a single character for a while. Insufficient character development is something that’s been criticized about the comic. By devoting space to one character, Cammy’s turn right now, it facilitates the development of the character, as it allows for more involved speech and actions. I’m pretty sure the other main characters will get similar page time later on.

The thing I like about the backup stories the most is they bring to my attention artists I’ve never encountered before. To be honest, prior to the SF comic I had no idea who or had any exposure to the art of LeSean Thomas, Karre Andrews, Ale Garza, Hyung-Tae Kim and others. I might like one the guest artist’s style more than another, but I appreciate diversity.

I reckon we need more focus on Chun Li cause from all the characters they’ve introduced Chun Li is the most boring followed closely by Guille I know she was supposed to be developed in the summer special but not everyone can get it we need to see some of that developement in the story after all Chun Li is SF’s number 1 female she shouldn’t be boring.

Cammy’s alright but there is indeed too much spotlight on her.

I think Cammy’s been taking up alot of pages in the comic lately, but that’s not neccessarily a bad thing. Right now her story seems integral and I’m sure once most of it gets resolved, another major fighter will need complete spotlight. Cammy doesn’t appear in SF3; it seems almost natural she can take up a lot in SF0-2. It’s great to see the cannons we know get fleshed out like this.

On a side note, I don’t think it’s too good an argument to use Final Fight characters as an example of characters who should be getting page space right now. I really can’t think of any way to fit the Final Fight characters in right now without it being a huge deviation from anything remotely related to any of the current storylines in the comic right now. …course, this can sorta be counter-argued by the fact that it’s hard to think of ANY time for Final Fight characters to be incorporated. They always were sorta off in their own storyline regarding things in Street Fighter, after all.

Thunder Hawk should come eventually, if only because of Noembelu and the fact that he has stuff to do with Shadaloo. Fei Long’s actually already gotten a much bigger role than I would have expected for him (which is fine with me but eh).

That would be good. I’d have no complaints if the characters will eventually all get equal focus.

Yes, that’s true. I’d thought about that as well. Hopefully the creators will at least take a bit of time during Street Fighter 3 and show us what happened became of the characters that no longer are in that storyline. I always wanted to see what Sakura grew up to be.

Yes, I feel that too. I didn’t expect like this, but it’s not too bad.