Too much damage!


Anyone wished hits didn’t take that much damage? I mean 3-4 good hits and your health is half gone, same with super combos.

Everyone knows every game has a luck factor. In this game the luck factor seems a bit high because damage output is so great.

An example of this is if you miss a dragon punch or whatever, your noob opponent can just button smash and take half your life away. I’m sure you all have faced a player you thought sucked but then he just whooped your ass by some lucky throw or super he manage to pull off.

So therefore I feel this game doesn’t allow room for error, which is great but it seems to close the gap between noob and pros compared to other SF series because of the high luck factor.

I just think this game would be more balanced if damage output was reduced especially throws and supers. Anyone else agree?


Been losing to Gief ?


i think he just sucks. takes a while to fix that. :confused:


The gap between pro and noob is NOT thin, believe me. I’m not even pro and I just did a 44-streak on Player match against a bunch of different people before I got disconnected. Keep playing, and try to have faith that the game IS legitimately good on a high level (because it is).


The fact that matches are over so fast is part of ST’s charm


Every character can kill you outright (Touch of Death combo) if you make a mistake.


The only thing that makes the gap between pro and noob thin is the xbox controller.


no, they cant. this game does have the ability for matches to go to time out. problem is that good defense is needed for such a thing to happen, most characters are fighting for a certain position or space where they can maximize there damage. it’s YOUR job to make sure that they dont get to those spots. once you get good at taking there positional abilities away they’ll start to to fight for an easier place on the field to occcupy, once you get to that point is when your REALLY playing ST. if ken is landing his mk.grab on you with little thought, and then mixing you up to death you aint playing ST and it is right for you to lose.



I personally like this part about the game. The game is balanced out where the “touch of death” combos require setting up and if you get hit by them it’s pretty much your fault. Every character can do a ton of damage and it helps to even out the tiers a bit I think. It’s more about doing the right thing with the character you have than struggling to win matches based on the health/damage dealing difficiencies of your character.


Maybe you misunderstood me. Every character AFAIK has a Touch of Death combo where if you make a mistake at the wrong time, can kill you outright. 1st combo = dizzy, 2nd combo = dead. See the TZW videos for reference :wink:


Here’s a vid from NKI that showcases TOD combos. He shows one for everyone except for Dhalsim and Vega, and I’m unsure if those two even have one. Probably not considering they’re really not combo characters at all.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot the link. Here it is: [media=youtube]_eaOYqvTQtQ[/media]


like 2 characters have practical TODs


that would be dictator and Ken or maby DJ if im not mistaken, cause other characters have TOD’s but there not as easy to land.


I like the damage how it is.


I seriously don’t understand people who say stuff like this. If the damage is high, so what? You have the same opportunities to deal damage as the opponent. Everything is fair. What’s the problem?


thats why i love this game, everything in this game hurts, unlike certain games where moves outside of supers and combos did squat


They also have really strong Supers. When you get a Dizzy you can do a super, should kill them most of the time.

Personally I have found the damage level in games since ST very unrewarding for the most part. Later games throw so much into them that to keep them fair and balanced moves overall do very little damage. If the damage was lowered this game would lose alot.


I don’t think you understand my post. You might want to read it again. All I’m saying is that damage output is greater in this game than other SF series. In the alpha series or third strike you can make a few mistakes and still win but its alot harder for this game as any mistake could cost you the game as a few hits could take more than half your health.


What you say is true. But in this thread you have put a negative spin on that fact. As you can see, many people favor high damage.


It’s not only that, you act like making those mistakes are unavoidable, and any beginner can make these capitalizations on these mistakes. Both are false.