Too much jumping?

I’ve been using Dhalsim for a while but only over the last few days have I decided to get serious with him. My issue in the past has been someone who abuses the jumping fierce, and I’ve fallen to plenty of people worse than me because of it. The thing is, I’ve always been aware that I use it too much, and I’ve struggled to change it. So recently, I’ve virtually stopped playing ranked matches online. I’m assuming that’ll be a help, since the jumping fierce works all too well on many of them (except Shoryuken-spamming Kens).

And now, despite the fact that I know better, and I have been getting punished more for it, I still find myself doing it…a lot. Not as much as before, but still too much, I assume (I also slide more than I should, but I’m getting better with that). I know it’d be unreasonable to play most matches as Dhalsim without ever jumping, but is it a decent was to zone a lot of the time, or is there something smarter I can start doing to try to move away from the ease of jumping? I’ve tried using the Yoga Fire quite a bit, but my opponents seem to pick up on that quickly and take advantage of it.

The best way to not jump is…not jump. Sim has a very strong ground game that you need to develop if you are going to get serious. If you’re getting spammed out of it you’re playing bad players and they will get impatient and jump in. Learn how to anti air. If you are getting punished for it like with Vega’s EX wall dives or Rog’s dash punches, then stop. They caught on, move on. Sim’s instant overhead is something to be used sparingly, because you can be punished by quite a bit and if you use it too much then they’ll start blocking correctly.

Try jab Yoga Fire walking forward and reacting to what they do.

They jump over it? Your anti airs / counter poiks depending on range are:,,,,

They block? Yoga Fire

They have a move that goes through? block, punish.

With Dhalsim, some strategies and safety rules are very match up specific.

It also pays off for the losses to figure out how to fight up close or defend with Dhalsim to know when to escape. The mark of a good Dhalsim aside from keeping you out is how they figure how to escape once you get too close.

dhalsim anti air is probably the best in the game
few Yoga Knee will make your opponent think twice before he jump in

you can Yoga Knee b.HK , b.MP , j.MP , j.HK and EX Blast
all these are anti air, the possibilities of defense are endless when playing as dhalsim

Dhalsim’s key is the defense , if you master that , you have mastered Dhalsim

I had this same problem for a while. The best way to cure it is to force yourself to play matches without jumping. Yes, you’ll lose some that you could win. However, it will develop your zoning game. Use slides to move forward and dashes to move back. Learn the ranges for all of the anti-airs. Your zoning is on point when you are walking your opponent into the corner while putting up a wall.