Too Much Lucky Box: Explaining the Lucky Box


Lucky Box! Lucky Box! Lucky Box!

So I got my first lucky box streak two days ago and I don’t have a clue what many of the icons that aren’t money bags or the gold star mean (That says bonus and I think that starts a lucky box streak).

Can someone explain what the UFO flying by is. The little white man on fire means. Why sparkles fly by the word Lucky Box sometimes. What triggers this madness in the first place and any other oddities with the Lucky Box system.


I’m glad I’m not the only one this is keeping awake at night.


I thought u were going to explain the box system. :frowning:


Blue, White, and Grey boxes: Various amount of money.
Gold boxes (found after Ghost Battles that you win that have a gold background on them): Customization items and ending movies if you haven’t unlocked them all.
Red boxes: Gold Bonus Stars

Since shit happens so fast and watching 8 boxes appear on my screen then explode I don’t know if the Burning Man icon has it’s own special color box and I’ve never seen the Burning Man outside of a batch of 8 boxes.

From the TekkenZaibatsu forums I did catch that the UFO might mean that your lucky streak is almost over.

What we all need to do is keep a pencil and camera handy. Take note of what you get each time you start getting lucky boxes. If something is really strange try to snag a photo. Hopefully we can start pulling in some hard data and figure out this system. Also there was roulette system in Tekken 6 but I didn’t spend to much time with that.


So I just got something I’ve never seen before. I had been on a short lucky box streak and I fought a Kazuya/Heihachi team and when I beat them, I got one lucky box. However, an 8-bit version of Heihachi’s face, probably the same one you can use in the decals menu, covered my solo box, then lightning struck the head and my box became a big golden box similar to when you unlock some custom items and I got an Extra Bonus with the man on fire, but my lucky streak was over the next match. OOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOooooooo


:eek: Yeah, sometimes the game will randomly just upgrade one of your boxes into an SP Rage box (the man on fire). No bearing on your lucky streak, though.

Thankfully, I think at this point that the Lucky Box system isn’t so much a system as it is just a bunch of dough you get whenever. We don’t seem to be able to manipulate it and it comes and goes with the Lucky Streaks, so all I gotta say is

I wish the lottery were this easy.


I’m in the same situation as all of you guys. I still don’t understand the star or that guys face and then electricity comes down and strikes his head and box, and then appears a bigger gold box. Also the alien and the UFO. One if those gives you a special SP for sure. But this extra bonus crap and other stuff are killing me.


I’m also almost positive that the Blue boxes give you the most money.


I have videos for proof of every box, just don’t know where to upload them to