Too Much Meshing

I use Ryu, Sumo, Guile, and sakura. Here’s my problem mostly during a match on sfa3 I’m always in a crouching position. Now i understand thats great for sumo and guile , yet i feel its dampering my playing ability with Ryu & Sakura. Any Advice?

Optional question Also why is Justin Wong looked down on?

The only advice is obvious advice. Stop crouching so much. Learn to hide your charges while doing other things. Guile especially, you can hop kick and such. As a charge player, FYI, you don’t always need to charge. It’s not necessary to always charge.

Justin Wong looked down upon? By whom?

JWong has haters becasue he’s at the top.

He has a good following, but there are some who display their envy through stupid remarks.

Also cause he can be kinda loud.

Nothing wrong with being loud, but when full of envy anything can be a reason to HATE HATE HATE.

He’s calmed down and grown up a lot since he’s gotten sponsored.