"Too much power" Strange PS3 JLF Mod Issue, plz halp


So the JLF that came with my TE Round 2 PS3 Arcade Stick died on me at Final Round a few weeks ago and I bought a new JLF and had it replaced almost immediately. Before I had the JLF replaced, I had gone through the entire tournament with no problem. About the final day of Final Round I had the JLF replaced and suddenly I started getting messages on my PS3 telling me that “Too much power” was being given to the console and that I needed to remove “1 or more devices”. Upon getting this message my stick immediately stops responding. I can’t activate buttons, I can’t move the joystick, I can’t activate the home button. This goes on for a few seconds, but eventually it comes back and maintains itself for a little while. This wouldn’t really be so much of an issue if I could actually use it for playing games, but I can’t use it if two sticks are plugged in to the console at the same time my stick always immediately dies.

I have ideas for what this could be (like a different model JLF that just doesn’t work well with the TE R2), but I really need to get some opinions from you guys who work with arcade stick mods regularly because i’ve NEVER heard of this before.


At an educated guess I’d say it’s a problem with your USB cable. Replace it and see if that helps. The worst thing it could be is a damaged motherboard which would then need replacing.

It won’t have anything to do with your joystick unless you have an optical or analogue device in there. Which you don’t.


I am having this same issue, among others, with a mayflash mod using a JLF as well. OP, did you ever find a fix to the problem?