Too old for fighting games


How old is too old? Like a lot of people sf4 was my first fighting game where I tried to learn the system and play people and win. I’m turning 30 in january and I’m starting to wonder if that’s too old to be around the fg community and be a scrub. I hear a lot of younger guys wax poetic about the old days and they’re 5 years younger than me.


wrong forum buddy



Or maybe not, SRK says…


Isn’t Valle and a lot of his generation in their 30’s? I don’t think there’s really an age limit on playing fighting games at a semi-competitive level at least. As you get older, you may not have the time to attend every local tournament or practice hours a day every day, but there’s no reason you can’t play competitively well into your 30’s if that’s what you wanna do. If you’re feeling burned out on fighting games, that’s one thing, but no reason to “retire” just because you feel obligated to due to your age.


Really? a lot of people? No wonder our community has turned to shit.


You have five on me but who cares? I’ll be your age eventually stick/controller in hand.


I never really thought of quiting but I was just curious what the srk masses thought. There are guys way older that still play but sf4 isn’t there first fighting game. I just wonder if there’s some shame in that.

what was it like prior to 2008? I was busy playing counter strike so I don’t know. Seems like it was widdling away from what I was hearing.


yeah I forget all of the most famous clips from Evo are from SF4

…oh wait


You should start playing Marvel.


You are already dead…I’m also 30, would you like me to wax about the old days? It all began with this Arcade and this new fangle street fighter 2, after supreme dominance in Pit Fighter, I had decided to move on to my next venture in supreme arcade nerdom.

Hey, aren’t you a little too old be asking advice from an internet forum, much less a street fighter related site? Why don’t you just go an announce you are quitting drinking down at the Bud Light forums?


Age means nothing. Play until you don’t feel like playing anymore.


There you go.


you are quitting because sf4 was your first fighting game
its like quitting console gaming because pit fighter was your first snes game


Play till you don’t feel like it anymore.


Hypothetically you can be OLD!!! Sometimes new concepts just don’t click lol.

i.e. LAAKuma & SF4 lol.

Old Dog new tricks sayin’ blah blah yadi ya.


P.Gorath making shots from the 3-point line, as per usual.

Swish! :rofl:


There’s a ton of old players in FGs, mostly because SF2 is 20 years old. But if you’re wet behind the ears, you’ve got a lot of fundamentals to learn that top players your age learned a long time ago. And your reaction time and dexterity is going to be worse than somebody who’s been been playing for years and decades.

…Maybe. YMMV.


i turn 30 next year. I plan on playing whatever games I enjoy until I die. I love when some kid comes online and tells me I’m too old to be playing games, then I fucking mop the floor with him. I’ve just come to the realization that I’m gonna get to an age point where I am just too busy with family/work, and won’t be able to get really good at games by spending 4 hours a night playing em


If you feel the need to even make a thread like this, it probably means that you’re at a point in life where you don’t have time for fighting games and would like to just play the game and be decent at it without training. Not going to happen and not worth the time.

Why are people mentioning Alex. He has been playing his whole life and even secluded himself from life just to try to stay at a competitive level.

If you’re 30 and have a job and a family but never played a fighting game in your life then you shouldn’t be thinking about winning any decent fighting game tournaments in the near future.

If you don’t care about making it to the top then who cares how old you are, just play whatever you want. The only thing you’re too old for is you’re too old to be asking for permission from little kids if you’re allowed to play a fighting game.


actually i think you reach the peak of your reaction time/dexterity in your early 20s. not sure though.


just start a community within your nearest retirement home. problem solved.