Too Reboust and Deus & there crew (team cry babbies)

reboust stop your whining,just because your gay little freind thread was usless from the start,doesnt make things right with you crying.youwant some tissue?did you think your little buddy thread was going to accomplish anything by getting people into marvel,lol get the FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT SHIT.

you fucking scrub! you are dirt at marvel anyways.

Deus and reboust think there thread would give them more respect and more fame i guess…SAD.keep this up ima rape you,deus,and duc jr at me you dont wanna get added to the list.

I hope you know people seeing marvel top players act like spoil brats is not going to turn people away from making fake threads anit helping shit.


are you gay


damn right.

wth is this lol

anyone want to take side bets on the rapeing?thats how marvel players like to do right?side bets?

rules are no condoms.

no random select stage/stage is the bathroom.

gauard breaks are BANNED.

you might wanna start checking this site out it teaches people to not be so ignorant.

Gamefaqs is this way ----->

No wonder you eat babies.

This kind of stuff hurts my brain.

<hits alt-F4>

So is spelling and grammar?