Too those who modded a TE stick with a RJ45

What part of the TE Stick did you install the RJ45 to? I’ve seen it replace the BACK/SELECT button, drilled and inserted on one side of the TE stick, and even externally added with unique box to house the RJ45.

What did you do? Which is the best option?

one option is the have the an ethernet cable and a coupler in the cord compartment.

OO! This looks like a better route to go than the others. I might do this for my next mod.

When I RJ45 modded my TE last year, I installed it into the cord compartment. Just took 10 minutes with a 24mm hole saw, drill and a dremel.

Cord compartment. I had to cut away some plastic inside.

Haha, great minds think alike!

I used the back button, then wired “turbo” to back, in case I need to taunt in marvel, I just hit turbo.

I found a better option. Rather than using an Rj-45 jack, I used Din-8 connectors. I bought an ethernet cable and clipped one end off. I ran it through the hole in the cable sotrage area and soldered that end to my Imp/Cthulu setup. Clipped the other end off and put a female Din-8 connector on it. I then made a short 6-8" dongle with a male din-8 connector for each of my alternate console cables. Much better connection than the RJ-45 and having 3 8" dongles is so much better than 3 14 foot cables.