Toodles at Evo - Come and get it


Once again I’ll be attending Evo, so pick up some parts with a cash discount and save on shipping. If you’re planning on picking stuff up, PLEASE send me a PM or a note describing what you want and a cell phone number to text so I can meet with you to exchange. I can’t sell in the main hall, so this is really the best way. If you don’t PM me before Thursday, there’s no guarantee I’ll have what you want come Evo, so stake your claim. I will also have free stickers galore, so find me at Evo at get your free stickers!

First off, all of my main products and their cash discount.

Cash only Evo prices:
Chimp (kit): $25
Screw terminals for Chimp: $6
PS3 Cthulhu (assembled): $25
MC Cthulhu (assembled): $30
Imp (kit): $8
AXISdapter (kit with screw terminals): $18
FGWidget Converter (kit): $13
PiiWee (kit, no screw terminals, no Wii cord): $13
LED Controller (kit, no screw terminals): $14
MC Cthulhu Upgrade Chips: $10
PSX or GC Extension cords: $3
15’ USB A-to-B cords: $4
1’ USB A to mini-B cords (for sixaxis/DS3, or most bluetooth headsets): $3

I also have a few oddball things I wouldn’t mind taking with me to sell. Everything from here down will be on request only; if you want it, you HAVE to PM me with your contact details. I’m not going to bring them on the trip unless I know I have a buyer there.

  • Happ style stick, RedOctane plexi-less case, with MC Cthulhu and 15’ USB cord. $100
    I can install a PSX, Xbox1, and/or GC cord in as well for $5 additional each, however I will require a $20 paypal deposit and the rest on delivery. I will NOT do a dual mod on it of any kind. If you want a rarer cord that the MC supports installed (SNES, NES, Saturn, TG-16, etc), let me know over PM and I’ll see if I can dig one up. If I can, expect the charge to be $10 per to cover the cord and installation.
    Case is very solid. The black cover is coming up at one corner seem in the pictures. It’s also a bit dusty in the picture but I’ll take care of that. Stick is a Competition, main play buttons are competition, with concave buttons for the player start button and the two side black buttons. Wiring job isn’t the cleanest but does use QD’s on everything. There is a spot for the old Xbox1 communicator headset thingy, but that’s not connected to anything and doesn’t work.

  • Neo-Geo -> PSX project box. $5
    Uses an official PS1 controller, but I dont recall if it was an analog dualshock 1 or a digital PSX controller. DB-15 mounted on the box for plugging in your Neo controllers.

  • Wii Fight Stick $20 - On hold for PsychoChronic
    Never opened up, and never really used except to test. A bit dusty from storage but otherwise in perfect condition.

  • Two Nyko Perfect Shot Wiimote guns. $10 for the pair
    Uses an official Wiimote, for light gun games. Very fun, and a ton better than the wiimote by itself.

Extra SNES games, include clear game case, both tested today on an FC-Twin
Super Mario Allstars + World (little dusty): $25
Super Metroid (Lots of sticker gunk on both sides): $15

  • Evo Stick Sack. $25 (Set aside for Gummowned)
    New, never worn, still has the crease in the middle from when it was shipped to me. Perfect condition, but I like my padded messenger bag better, so just want to get my money back.

  • Two assembled PiiWee boards $25 each, with screw terminals and Wii cord already attached. I used these for testing and don’t really have a need for them.


FUCK, I wanted those Triscuits. Now I know this is NOT the place to ask, but where can I find a description of what Cthulu’s are for? Dual modding or something of the sort?


I call dibs on the Evo bag. I’ll be picking up some MCs and Imps as well.


toodles gimmie your number in a PM sir i misplaced it :smiley:


main difference from chimp and the other is the need for a switch right?


If I make it to EVO I want in on DAT BAG! =D


Bag’s spoken for. I’ve updated first post.


Updated first post: Chimps WILL be available!


Cool, I’ll definitely be down for a Chimp, will you have any screw terminals for the kit available?


Dibs on the Wii Fight Stick!

EDIT; PM sent.


Yup, a pair of screw terminals would be $6, so $31 all told. Send me a PM with a celly so I can reach you and I’ll do the same.

It’s yours. PM replied.


Added two assembled PiiWee boards.

  • Two assembled PiiWee boards $25 each, with screw terminals and Wii cord already attached. I used these for testing and don’t really have a need for them.


Hey Toodles, can you put me down for three Imps and an MC Cthulhu? Sending PM now.


Yo, I just sent a PM about reserving a Chimp. Please let me know if you got it.


Flying out early Thursday so please get your orders in to be sure I have you covered!