Toodles axis adapter wiring problem


so i imported 2 axis adapters fully assembled from LL

theres no way in hell that i can wire the home button on the TE to the PS button on the axisadapter, i got no electric and soldering skills,
so is there anyway that i can wire the ps button to be activated by pressing start and select together?

the only other solution i can think of is to leave off select and wire the PS in its place. but id prefer to have all three buttons working, (start select and PS)

this is gonna be a 2 player setup 1 wireless TE and 1 wireless SFAE stick, so same apples to the SFAE as far as the start and select go.

I never had this problem on my PS1 setup which consists of 1 TE and 1 SFAE, as theres no such thing as a PS button on PSOne dualshocks

And finally, if your still reading, will the universal system 500 stick fit in a SFAE stick??

i would love to use the search function, but since the forum was upgraded ive given up on the search thing