Toodles Axisdapter Board how to?

Hello im going to get this Toodles Axisdapter Board from Toodles Axisdapter Board
Gremlin Solutions. but it nots assembeld so i was wondering is there any tutorial on how to do it AND once thats done how do i go about connecting it to my se arcade stick and will it be easy to do (i need a tutorial for that also please). AND yeh i have a Ps3 original wirless controller which i dont require so it pretty good for this i hope.

One last thing before i but it is there any other place where in uk the would sell it cheaper thank you…

Im sorry if this has been posted before. Thanks

How to Assemble and Install an AXISdapter
This is really all the tutorial you need for assembly.
Installation shouldn’t be that bad… run the signals to the buttons and stick. That’s kinda the point of the AXISdapter.

  1. Instructable link in the previous post, but really, it’d damn hard to mess up. Just looking at it and the silkscreen writing on it should be all you need to know how to solder it together.
  2. For that, if the welcome sheet that comes with it doesn’t explain it well enough, the last step of the Instructable covers the wiring. The shape of the board is different from the pictures, but the labels are the same.
  3. You have better make sure it’s either a SIXAXIS, or one of the now rare DS3’s with the ribbon connector. Open it up and verify BEFORE ordering the AXISdapter.
  4. There are no other UK resellers that I’m aware of.

Thanks, just wanted how do i know when im connecting joystick how do i know how which one is up, down, left, right? Please help

The 5 pin harness?
Like this?

£33 for an Axisdapter? Ouch…

Coolman - check out the same product on Lizard Lick:

Toodles Axisdapter Board

It’s based in America, but you should still save money after shipping. You also have the option to have it fully assembled if you wish.

Thanks really appreciate this, im more then likely going to get it from lizard lick but do they ship to uk and have you bought from them. Thanks again

yeh, mmmm wers the link?

Yes and yes. It was a while back but had no complaints about their service or packaging.

Double check with the site how much shipping to the UK will be, and what options they offer.

is this work as a dual mod? or this more of a permanent solution>? I have a HRAP VX-SA I am modifying into a hitbox looking for a dual mod that is all button.

It doesn’t work for dual mod. Try the Leo v2 by gummowned and akihabara