Toodles contact?

Hello, Im new to the board. Im trying to get in touch with toodles to help me with an arcade stick build. Does anyone know an email, or if he has facebook? Please let me know, Thanks


Last I check Toodles has not been active on the SRK forums much. He went inactive to focus on other things,
The people with his contact info isn’t going to give it out.

Instead of bothering Toodles, direct any questions to the Absolute Question and Answer Thread, and read the Info thread, as the info thread has links to guides and build logs

Darksakul, people wont give out his contact huh, well they did soooo…yeah. To everyone else thanks for the help

I just paged him on a forum he hasn’t checked in ages, I didn’t give you his contact info. Even if you send him a private message here, he may not reply soooo…yeah.

You still gave me something, so thank you for that.

you should just post what you trying to do, you will get a answer here quicker than chasing a ghost

[He already did.](Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

I answered his question.